Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Field Notes- August 3rd. Hot Weather- 90's I think....sigh.

Well, that took longer than usual to get this set up back......occasionally, I misplace my brain.  

I am going to lunch today with a friend from the Greenhouse.  I used spray starch and the iron to get the shirt I am  going to be wearing looking better than my "usual" which is straight out of the dryer and onto me. Rumpled. (that's my signature look)  But I will be wearing the ironed shirt and these new to me pants daughter got at the Goodwill.  I have more pants than tops from that Goodwill haul.  The pants fit.  The pair I have on- I pulled the drawstring waist thing as tight as possible.  My waist doesn't match my hips.

I like the pants.  The hem is just above my ankles.  And the fabric is very soft.  Navy, I think. Yes.

For the past few weeks I have been working under the impression that I have been losing weight- looking trimmer- clothes are significantly loose.  XL sized and not 1or 2X. Today- trying on clothes for going to lunch- and looking at my self in the bathroom mirror where I get a knees to head look...that isn't what is actually happening.  

All the reading (sitting) has widened my rear end--considerably.  I have so NOT lost any weight.

I had something salty.  Yesterday... And my wedding ring (one of them) is tight.  As the years and the income changed- the rings-"improved" but I never had an engagement ring...  so the wedding rings have diamonds.  The one I have on was a surprise on our 20th.  I had stopped wearing rings in the 70's when I wore the original on my middle a warning.  Back off or DIE.  

I think this is why Agnes and the Hitman is one of my all time favorite books.  Even a  Government Hitman was afraid of Agnes when she got mad and had a cast iron frying pan in her hand.

I caught the pad of my right thumb on a rose thorn and ripped it. (while turning on the Peach Tree sprinklers).  Finally stopped bleeding.

The end of yesterday's chemistry book- broke my heart.......But that's what happens in real Life- 

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