Saturday, August 06, 2022

Field Notes- Already Hot and Humid at 10am.. Peaches are watered- Garden?...we'll see.

 Last night we saw the Sunset and a gloriously pink sky- behind the trees.  We hardly ever see anything beyond the darkness of the trees. So husband called me out on the porch to look. I should have snapped a picture.  I didn't. I was looking at the darkness of all those trees. 

The Wedding Crasher was good- so I tried the first book in the series the Worst Best Man. It was terrible. I think it was just as terrible the first time I tried reading it. I was lucky I read them in the wrong order.

So...I am reading One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle.  She wrote a strange but very good book- In Five Years that I read years ago...but not five.  She's also written The Dinner List.   If I recall correctly In Five Years is written backwards?  It starts near the end and goes backwards in/time for most of the book and then goes forward in the final pages.  This one seems to "time travel" as well.  Or Time Shift.  And the participants are wealthy Beverly Hills people.  There's an expensive holiday in Italy, clothes, food etc. Money Porn. I'm one third in and have already read the last few pages just to see if I want to continue reading.  Not a Rom Com- far from it. More a slog thru rich people "problems".  I may not finish it.

I do that- read the see if the end is worth slogging thru the middle.  Few books are.  Worth slogging. If I have to turn to the final few pages to see if it's worth my time and trouble I already know it's not a book I want to finish.. and I rarely continue reading.  Fresh Water for Flowers was an outlier.  The midsection of that book...was difficult.  The book with Ugly in the title- that one was horrific to read-- but so worth it.

I read a lot of books- but I don't FINISH reading quite a few of them...... when it gets tedious....I stop. I often wonder who the Readers were for these books...didn't anymore say- gosh this one's a slog.....??

Husband has gone out to water the vegetable garden.  He skipped yesterday because he cut the grass.  I need to go check on things......the corn has very very tiny "ears" under the tassels.  The Elderberry shrubs have tiny berries which I need to cover to keep the birds from eating..  The grapes are looking quite wonderful.  I need to buy some canning supplies. Pectin and Sugar.  I won't be doing the canning kettle.  I'll just make a few jars and refrigerate them. Use the grape juice left over to dye a few shirts which have faded......the grape juice makes a really glorious blue. Vinegar is already in short  supply.  All the boxes of canning jars are gone as well at the stores.  Sugar will be next.

The Porch Tomatoes were looking half dead but they liked the top pruning George did and now they are in the garden-- in the dirt-- and they are looking quite amazing and have many little flowers.  Future Tomatoes. George's tomatoes are all purple.  Small cherry and larger ones, also purple.  The late planted peppers are getting taller but still way behind. But August has plenty more Sun and Heat for growing. 

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

You and I read books the same way. If they are too tedious I peek at the end to see if it redeems the middle. I just returned two books to the library - with the middles unread.