Saturday, February 01, 2020

Daily Notes- February 1


Prompt 29- Create a welcoming psychic space that supports your ongoing creative goals and activities.

The Sea, a Chair, A Fig Leaf,  and the Sky. Buddha from a past Life.  Heart- a symbol that means everything to me is not shown but it exists in each of these pictures.


Facing page. The only blank page for me to use- but perhaps meant to be this way?  I would  have to rumble thru the other 29 collages to remind myself what this one was about.  I may do that.  I may create an index.  It's an early one. And it seems frantic and nervous and the facing page is calm and serene.  The change in me.  Left side my first mixture of oil pastel crayons and images.  The 29th prompt- only images.  Symbols.

This whole collage adventure of 30 days (ending tomorrow) has been a great learning adventure for me.  Opening avenues in my mind and emotions.  Using art supplies each day for 30 days.  I am GRATEFUL.  I am THANKFUL that I opened myself to do a challenge like this.  So out of my comfort zone.  So "touchy/feely" and so not me.

Buttoned up and Walled up and always Stepping Back from anything like this.  I was timid at first.  And then as the days went by I felt doors opening and it was okay.  As Grace would say.. it was so okay.

Tomorrow is the last collage.  I barely have room in the book for one more. And tears in my eyes typing these words. I never imagined that I could come so far in 30 days.


Life Scraps and Patches said...

Your thirty days sound like the best journey! You even went to places you didn't expect.

Liz A said...

you have been so faithful to the challenge ... wishing you well from here-on