Monday, January 20, 2020

Daily Notes- January 20


Today's Collage Prompt: What do you need to banish?  Get rid of it. NOW.

I think this one holds no secrets.  When I first found the split face I knew what image I would insert into the open space.  Took awhile to find.  An autobiography.

Hard letting things be "unhidden".   But I've come a long, long way and still have miles to go.....

Beautiful Day today.  Not snowing and the sun is shining.  Twenty three degrees.  I am planning to drag out the vacuum cleaner hose (central vac) and work on the accumulated dirt and dust bunnies on the floors.  I may even Swiffer.  Let the happiness reign.

G has an eye doctor appointment and needs to buy replacements for the parts of the sink drain he broke yesterday trying to get a dropped toothbrush out of the drain at our daughter's house.  It was way past the drop-off point in his mental day.  When clear thinking is not really possible. If he doesn't get a move on- today will be a repeat.  My voice is just a noise he ignores.

I think a few of the collage participants will be making Trump centered work today.


me-ml said...

from your recent collages i get the impression
you are vibrating so intensely(.+++.++.+++.)
that your feet no longer are touching earth (8 million exclamation points)
(this is so BIG I have no other words..)

Liz A said...

this simply blows me away ... wow

ACey said...

couldn't even comment when I saw it last night. was speechless even just here at the keyboard.