Thursday, November 03, 2011

Patterned Light

I was intrigued by the pattern the blinds made on the orchid stems.  Stripes.  I have been visiting a web site called "habit" and each member posts an unposed photo and less than 30 words to describe what is happening in their day.  The pictures are simple "captures" of a moment in a lifetime.  This would be that sort of "moment" as the light will change and the pattern disappear.  I am happy I noticed.

When last we spoke, I was going out to walk the dog and it was 3pm.  I had to bundle up; scarf, winter anorak, hat, gloves.  A passing neighbor mentioned I was entirely overdressed for the weather. He was in a car. I laughed and said "I'm freezing".  And I was.  By the time I returned home I had the hat and gloves in my pocket  and I felt warmer but not by too much.  I have never been this cold sensitive (since moving here 20 years ago) and it bothers me as it isn't even cold yet.  The snow refuses to melt.

We had a bunch of leftover things for supper.  Some of the fried eggplant. some marinara, some ratatouille, and the remaining mozzarella cheese.  I baked all of that on a sheet pan and made fresh pasta for G.  He had apple pie for dessert and I had the last three clementines.  Survivor, Work of Art and Top Chef Texas. And I fell asleep on the couch. I have book three in the Henry VIII series.  But haven't been able to read.  My eyes are tired.

All day, yesterday, I thought about calling out sick today and having 4 days off in a row.  Wednesday thru Saturday.  This morning I realized the "work ethic" of my parents wouldn't allow me to do that.  So, here I am dressed for work, lunch packed, dog ready to go off to day care.  Not happy.  Pushing forward anyway.

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dee said...

Maybe you're cold due to weight changes in your body?

That work ethic is a real pain.