Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Snow Hasn't Melted Yet

And I am wearing as many layers as I can to try and get warm.  Or stay warm.  I think I may actually HAVE lost FAT.  Isn't fat the thing that keeps us warm?  I don't seem to have anything keeping me warm.

G went to the library and returned one of my books and got me three new ones.  Another Henry VIII, a Bones Book (television series) and the first Asa Larsson mystery.   I am in the very early days of reading another Swedish thriller but it's all drugs and prison and I'm not sure I am all that interested in visiting that particular world, this month. Three Seconds.  One of you might be interested in prison and drugs.

The Kim Kardashian Marriage Fiasco.  Woo Hoo.  Who didn't SEE that coming.  There is even a rumor the whole thing was just "business" and a way for both of them to make millions for the pictures.  Kris, the mother and manager, is all about making money.  Too bad it isn't against the law.  I'd love to see them arrested.  So very greedy.

We are going out to eat this evening.  We are ready but it's still too early to go.  I am not all that interested in being an "early bird" but here in my town there is a fine line between getting seated right away and having to wait an hour for a table.  And, by 8 or 8:30, everything is finished.  The town is deserted.  A three hour window of opportunity for fine dining.  And the tourists are all gone.  They make it so much worse.  When they are here you need a reservation.  And then you still have to wait for a table since they like to "linger".  Anyway.  We are going out to eat.

G purchased new under the cabinet lights for above my computer and for over the kitchen counter where we make coffee and use the microwave.  The old lights heated up the wood cabinets and I mentioned I always worried they would catch on fire.  But they are very nice and always make the counter area "sparkly".  Which is a nice thing to be in cold, dark Maine in the winter.

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