Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Introspective Period

Another table and chairs.  I think I had already copied this once before (from Style-Files) but didn't remember using it.  But I guess I did.  iPhoto never gets confused.  iPhoto said I already had this picture in my files.  I have 221 items in the photo file. Time for me to delete most of them.  Yes, delete.  I keep no pictures in my camera memory and delete pictures after I have used them on the blog.

I will have to contemplate the meaning of the table and chairs, the implied meal being shared and the crisp white with very dark, darks.  I increased the depth of color in this copy.  I wanted the white to be center most.  The bowls.  I know this is an important image as I have chosen it twice now.

Those who have read and seen my drawings, know I am drawn (ha ha) to chairs, bowls and pears.  I also like the simplicity of black and white with some earthy color.  Here it's brown.  I want to sit down, with someone I like, and eat a warm bowl of something, drink red wine and laugh.  I want to be happy at this table.

My day at work went slowly and then zoomed to it's conclusion 30 minutes past my scheduled departure time.  Lunch does that.  I have often wondered if the day would go by quicker if I ate my lunch at 10:30?

The weather here in Maine is reminiscent of Spring.  Not November.  We were 4 degrees short of the record high for yesterday.  They said if there had been more sun, we would have hit 70.  Easily.  The greenhouse was warmish but because of Atkins, I am always cold.  Riley is wondering about his walk.  Yes, he did have a busy day at doggie daycare.  But I have started taking him for his walk at this time of day.  Now he expects it.  Tomorrow, we will dig a hole and plant the Rhodie that I purchased at the Spring Open House.  And I will finally plant my tulips.  Yes, I will.

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