Monday, November 14, 2011

Cleaning Mode Fueled By Caffeine

I've gone to the Style Files and found another picture of an all white Danish room.  Why am I so drawn to these white rooms?  I can't imagine how cold this would seem during a Danish Winter.  But I love it. So very clean and minimal but luxurious at the same time.

 No white floors in my future but I think drop pendant lighting over G's hand built pine dining table would be nice.  I keep meaning to visit the resale furniture store in town for mix and match chairs.  These look French.  I do like the French doors between rooms, instead of the dog hair covered insulated duck curtains I have used for 20 years.  And which need to be washed.

I have the house windows open--getting fresh oxygen into the house.  It's 63 in the house (with the windows open) and I have the furnace shut down.  An hour or so more and things will change.  But the house will smell fresh.  In mid November.

The fridge is sparkly clean. ( I keep opening the door and looking inside and smiling) The kitchen garbage can is full.  The recycle bin is full of emptied and washed out jars and bottle.  It's amazing what we keep.  Never use.  I still haven't found the large Mason jar lids. A mystery.  Still in my pajamas at 2 pm.  Still need to visit the grocery or not.  Ate the second half of my breakfast omelet for lunch.  It all worked out.  I think I like the eggs better when they are cold/room temp.

Just clicked my new battery light on over the computer.  It turns itself off in 30 minutes.  S'eteint automatiquement apres 30 minutes.  The whole packaging container has little French things under the English.  See, I really do love all things French!!!

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