Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Plastic Toy Wreath Project

It seemed easy enough.  Collect a bunch of small plastic toys, find a twig wreath, heat up the glue gun, and start applying glue to the toys and stick them to the wreath.  Well.  Some stick and some don't.  Some look nice together and some don't.  I find I need more action figures.  I have plenty of Barbies.  And now I think I will have to "pick and wire" the little toys to the wreath.  Bugger.   In this photo I have the "chosen" toys loaded up in the middle of the wreath.  Easier than digging in the toy box every time I need a toy.  I had intended to use the Legos as "filler" but they don't want to stick to anything.

I had the windows open this morning.  Maine has had the WARMEST November in HISTORY.  I took advantage of today's spring like weather to air out the house.  Freshen things up.  Then I walked in the woods with G and Riley.  Riley got to play with two dogs.  Willie and Dozer.  Riley is now "overtired" and is having trouble settling down.  We are playing "in & out".  As soon as G leaves for work, I will NOT be opening the door for Riley.  He can "adjust".

G and I drove into town to get a book at the library and pick up our Christmas tree at work (in the pick up truck).  Picking up the tree makes me very happy.  In no time at all it will be in the house and covered in tiny white lights.  I think it's about 10 feet tall, like last year.  And I will just cut the top off where it touches the ceiling.  The bottom is wide.  It's another wild tree.  So it's all goofy and natural.

Another thing making me happy today.  Size 14 jeans.  Wearing them (and finally understanding why people love wearing jeans).  Not tight, anywhere. Comfortable. And over the top a heavy flannel shirt.  Buttoned and still loose over the hips.  And my "test pants" are looser than these jeans and I had to move the waist button over this morning.  The scale shows no major loss of weight but my clothes DO.  I removed several items from my closet this morning.  I will never be the size that fits in those large clothes again.  Finally.  I am seeing that things can change.  This is a major step for me.  Not having back up clothes in larger sizes.

The obituary for the stylist/friend who did the hair and nails for my entire family was in the paper today. She died ten days ago.  K had just celebrated her 40th birthday.  She died way too young (suffering terrible back pain for years) and deserved better.  She was younger than my son.  I don't know how her parents can bear the loss.

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