Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Long, Slow Melt & Responsible Behaviour

Riley was out this morning checking the depth of the snow on the grass.  Every night the temps go into the below freezing (27) degrees and then the sun has to start all over again to warm and melt before the day cools at the other end.

I was awakened this morning by a phone call for G.  His work was looking for him.  I walked around the house, still half asleep, looking for any sign of him.  But G was not here.  He was somewhere else prepping for the class he is teaching later today.

We had a very delicious dinner out.  G had duck breast with mashed potatoes and parsnips  alongside roasted Brussels sprouts.  He had cream of tomato soup as a starter.   I had mussels and the Bistro steak with cognac cream sauce.  We had coffee and dessert at home because G is loving the apple crumb topped pie I baked for him.  There were six people in the restaurant.  We left at 7.  Then there were four.  An excellent indication that the economy is in trouble.  Another indicator is the stock price of McDonald's shares.  When times are rocky, people eat at fast food places to get value for their money.

Yesterday was Tuesday.  I stopped at the grocery on my way home from work.  Tuesday is the day all the handicapped/challenged/special issues people shop at the grocery.  Hooking up.  Waiting for taxis.  Smoking. Under the influence of "substances" or not (when they should be). All on some form of public assistance or Social Services.  On days like this, I wonder why their families aren't being responsible for them????  My daughter has already lectured me.  They are adults (using age as the only criteria) and as adults can direct their own lives.  That self direction being financed by my tax dollars is what bothers me. Does it bother you?   I think this social structure is more evident in my Town as the local grocery is right in town, very central to everything.  Not in a drive to the suburbs area.  Not out of sight/ out of mind.

G brought the Spooky House home yesterday.  He was sad to report all the damage done to the house.  Shingles pulled off, feathers pulled off the big crow on the roof, all the windows poked out, spiders ripped off the sides of the house.  He was also depressed by the anger of parents when he asked their small children to stop pulling things off the house and note the "Do Not Touch" sign.  The parents would say "they can't read" as some excuse for the child's behavior.  G would ask if they, the parent, could read.  And perhaps instruct their child? Which only made the parents more angry.

G does not want to take the Gingerbread House to work for the Christmas Holidays.  The GH is shorter and closer to children's hands and it looks more like "candy" than the Spooky House.  Even adults have gripped a hot glued fake gumdrop on the house and twisted and pulled until they are stopped.  Regular customers enjoy the houses and delight in seeing them.  Customers just "passing through" feel free to plunder and destroy, on their own, or standing by and watching their child do it.

Later today, I will heat up the glue gun and repair the Spooky House.  As best I can.  The window "glass" may be a lost cause.  G plugged the SH lights in and set the house where I could see it glowing from my seat on the couch.  He opened the door so I could see the little rubber rat.  I think he was trying to say "I'm so sorry" this had to happen to the project you worked so hard to create.

Life is difficult some days.  The majority of people in this world are kind and careful of others.  But the ones who make the biggest impression are the awful, self centered mean people.

I don't really want to go into Town today to straighten my glasses.  Just in case there are "mean people" out there waiting to ruin today, also.


Diane N said...

I am so sorry to hear that your Halloween house was damaged so badly. At the risk of sounding very old, I was never allowed to be disrespectful or destructive. My parents would simply not have allowed it and I wonder why so many parents nowadays feel that their children should be allowed to run rampant, as if their "freedom" outweighs personal responsibility. I hope you'll be able to repair it.

I am glad to hear that you and your husband had such a nice supper out. It sounds delicious.

By the time you read this, I hope you have had a day that was completely free of mean, disrespectful people.

Joanne S said...

I stayed home all day and may venture out now-3 pm - to walk the dog. I did nothing of any value all day.

My father used to say that he could take any of his four children anywhere and we would never embarrass him. That was the standard on which we were judged. And punished.

It goes without saying that bad behavior early on was severely punished. Perhaps too severely. When I do or say something I know is wrong I feel intense SHAME.
And try very hard to learn from my mistake. I also say I'm sorry. Not many people say those two words.

Annie said...

I'm with you and Diane, Joanne. I was brought up in an earlier time and my mother also bragged that her four children were always well behaved in public and never touched anything not belonging to us. I really don't understand what changed there and why children misbehave and are not reprimanded today. It must have something to do with the no spanking thing??....I 'dunno, discouraging.

I'm also discouraged that this stupid snow does not want to's ugly and I don't want to look at it.

I'll : ) anyway

dee said...

Yes, I'm that old too. If I did anything wrong in public my Mother would have dragged me out of there and punished me in some significant way. I totally get what you're saying Joanne about the shame and guilt thing. I can't believe that I'm going to say this but a little shame and guilt would be welcome in our world today. Very welcome.

Your dinner sounds really nice. Glad that it was a good evening.

I've been sorely tempted to buy some McDs stock. I know it's an awful indicator but, frankly, as a solid investment it looks pretty good right now.

I can't blame you for how you feel about the shoppers. The Pantry sees some sketchy people but everyone of those is a patient at the VA and ost are returning vets with serious social issues. The VA hospital is in our community so we get a lot. Many have alcohol problems as well. Many times I have had to call the local police to remove someone and take them back to the hospital. It's really heartbreaking. We also have a huge number of elderly people who have to make a choice between food and meds. I deliver groceries to several homebound woman who can no longer drive. I was raised to pick myself up and start over again but I can relate to people my age(63) having to try to live even a simple life with the current price of heating and food and meds. Scary stuff.