Saturday, November 26, 2011

My First Holiday Purchase

I had been noticing this metal wreath, at work, for many weeks now.  Wondering why no one had snapped it up.  I thought it would look wonderful on my front door (and it does).  Yes, dear Readers, my front door is this exact color.  The color of rhododendron leaves in Spring.  I had it color matched.   The white snowflakes have a bit of white sparkle glitter and I adore the tiny bit of red in the berries.  Ten Dollars and it makes me smile.  And the sentiment is "spot on" as they say across the pond.

I had less sleep, last night, than usual.  To bed at 11:30 and awake before 4 am.  I also have regained the one pound I lost yesterday.  I think it's the pistachios.  My ring is not as tight this morning.  I intend to drink more liquids today.  Eat only protein and fat.  See what happens.  I think lack of sleep also causes water retention.  I feel anxious.

Work was good yesterday.  Seven carts full of Poinsettias.  They have no fragrance but they certainly add color to the greenhouse.  I apologized to my boss for not coming in on Wednesday and he said it didn't matter as things were slower than he had thought they would be.  Three people called out and they still had too many people working.  Yesterday was busier.  I was always busy.  Making Holiday Boxes.  Repotting things.  Arranging all the Points by type and variety.  G brought me a coffee near the end of my lunch break (2pm).  There was some concern that the employee parking area would freeze into a skating rink making getting up the hill and out a problem (as it had been on Wednesday evening), so we all moved our cars to ice free areas on the hill.  I think they may sand it today.  Or not.

Our Thanksgiving dinner was more delicious than usual.  The turkey was tender and moist and flavorful.  The green bean casserole made with 1/2 cup of mayo and 1/2 cup of sour cream instead of the can of mushroom soup, was delicious.  I will never make it with canned soup again.  I did top it with the canned onions.  They are low in carbs.  I missed the baked sweet potato.  A lot.  I hope by next year I can have a small sweet potato topped with butter.  The mashed cauliflower looks like mashed potatoes but it isn't.  BUT, I had a full Thanksgiving Plate, which looked like everyone else's plate, and when on a diet, on a holiday, that is a very important thing.

The sun is shining.  The dog is outside doing things.  I have had breakfast and two cups of coffee.  My lack of sleep is starting to be noticeable.  I have housekeeping to do and hot glue work on the Gingerbread House.  A good book (Swedish author recommended by a Reader) and I TiVo'ed Devil in Prada last night to watch today.  Best if you can skip all the commercials.  I really need to get Netflix.  But I have heard they have a poor selection of movies.  Or are "people" referring to NEW movies?  I think movies from 2005 are "new".  Love Actually is being recorded today.  I missed Pride and Prejudice.  I am hoping it comes on again in the next month or so.

That's all I have for you today.  I seem to be the only one blogging this weekend.


Deborah Boschert said...

The wreath is fantastic. I love it.

Love Actually is great!

Terry Grant said...

I was going to say exactly what Deborah said! Both things. I have watched Love Actually several times and love it each time.

Diane N said...

I love your wreath and I love your shade of green. I bought some fuzzy ball sprays in that shade of green and red for decorating this year.

And it's unanimous. I love "Love Actually," too!

Annie said...

Me too, me too, on all of the above. I'm getting out my dvd of "Love Actually" and will be watching it very soon.

dee said...

Love that movie. Just recently watched it again and, for reasons which will become clearer to you when you see it, I had a really good cry this time. Still enjoyed it though-positive message.
Thanksgiving was nice with my friends and I'm taking your suggestion- making a favorite recipe that Roger & I made every year for Christmas.

Speaking of movies, I saw the ad for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yesterday.
Your wreath is so pretty! That springy green is showing up on many ornaments this year. I'm getting a tabletop tree just for me and adding things in that happy color.