Friday, November 11, 2011

Elusive Moments In Time

Autumn seems more "slippery" this year.  Never quite what it usually is and then, like quicksilver, gone and I miss what was, but isn't anymore.  The light here in Maine, this morning, is grey.  I have the lights on already.  No bright oranges or yellows.  So I made my own with a pressed leaf and that background I never seem to have time to stitch.

I read, on a blog, that the Twelves have a new challenge in the wings.  I can't even express the relief I felt when reading that sentence.  I have been adrift without their challenges to keep me motivated.  AND I, too late, discovered the Exquisite Corpse project and, wow, that would have been fabulous to participate in, but it is now over.  Not something one can do on one's own.  One must have "others" in order to create these five part corpses.  I am really feeling solitary.  And it isn't a good feeling. It isn't a good way to move into the winter months in Maine.  Unemployment is 6 weeks away.

My fantasy is that a creative group out there in the blogosphere needs one more member.  And they ask me. And I live happily ever after.

I read my Tudor mystery for almost two hours yesterday afternoon.  Then I got tired.  It's a book that requires the reader to pay attention to details.  Not like the Cadfael books that could be finished in a few hours of reading.  I need to work while reading these.

I have shirts to iron (a pleasant task with noticeable results)

And I should find a way, a project, that can provide the comfort I need right now.  Sewing binding on a quilt I finished years ago, adding patches to clothing, embellishing an unfinished crazy quilt block in red velvet and/or making more appliqué circles on squares for my French quilt.  I just need to find the right space in my head and hands for these things.  They already live in my heart.


Diane N said...

The first couple paragraphs of your blog captured how I've been feeling myself, especially about autumn. Strange times, strange weather, increasing isolation as winter approaches.

Yesterday we had rain, sleet, snow and hail all within the space of an hour. We also went from pale gray skies to bright blue with brilliant sunshine and then back to dark gray with heavy, ominous low hanging clouds.

I hope you find that place that needs one more special person for their challenges. You would be an asset to any group.

Anonymous said...


I was a member of the original exquisite corpse project. Would you like to do something together? I'm sure we could find others who would participate. Write me at susansaw at

gema said...


Life Scraps and Patches said...

I'd love to be in on online group, if you find a group that needs two members.

Carolyn aka Silkquilter said...

I sure like your leaf and background fabrics. In fact, I like them just the way they are, with no other cutting/embellishing.