Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Resolution, Repair, Restoration

Today is a day, it feels, where I can accomplish a few things.  I can mend some ripped seams in my work pants and adjust the pant leg hems (the pants were petite and now, with the hems removed, are regular), I can remove this piece from the design wall and add some invisible zigzag stitching (see what happens). The piece is a collage of all the lovely self painted fabric scraps I had on my worktable months and months ago.  Destined for the scrap wastebasket.  I have to "look" at the work and "follow the lines".  Make connections.  Make sense of the abstract.

I mixed up Alton Brown's pizza dough last night and it has been sitting in the fridge all night.  Doing yeast things.  G is teaching today, so will be home late. I will be baking pizza at 7 pm.

I am wearing a pair of J Jill wide wale cords in a pastel green.  Size 14.  Side button, sailor pants style.  I have never worn them before and I don't know where they came from (I have had the pants on the closet shelf for quite awhile).  They fit perfectly.  Well, actually, they aren't tight, but are form fitting which is not something I could say about my clothing before.  Usually, my pants choices were "too tight" and I felt like an over stuffed sausage casing or they were too large and flappy.  I feel rather dizzy.  And last night, G and went out for dinner and I felt like I had eaten too much.  So, having the pants fit, seems a miracle.

I had thought this post would be more philosophical. To match the title. So.  I deleted three paragraphs of "not much of anything" and will give it a try.  There are days when you wake up and it all seems useless.  And there are mornings when it seems like you can actually "make a difference".  Today is the latter.  I feel like I can do something today that enhances ME.  Make something, fix something, do something, see something.  It only takes one glimpse of it to change your world.  I think it's close today.

So with that sense of expectation, I will select my breakfast, eat it and then venture out into the world.

I was just checking my blog stats and a ridiculous post has over 1295 reads.  Really?  Why that one? Post 809.   So many readers who never reveal themselves.  Hello.  Thank you for reading.


Carolyn aka Silkquilter said...

Sometimes it's the ridiculous that grabs a persons attention or strikes an emotional cord! I like the collage piece.

dee said...

glad you're working on your at. It's so good for you and I like the look of these various parts hanging out together.

I thought of you yesterday-at Tarjay I bought myself a Hello Kitty ornament... It was just too cute to pass up. Not decorating this year at all so it will be something that makes me smile. Not a lot of smiles lately.