Thursday, November 10, 2011

Walking In the Woods with Riley

And G.  When we started out, it was warm and springlike.  But one quarter of the way into the woods we started feeling an "increase in humidity" and by the time we were returning, homeward, it was softly raining.  Riley doesn't care about rain when he is out walking.  He refuses to go out to do his business in the rain.  Dogs are complicated.

I bought two nice, sturdy, marrow bones on Monday and this morning I boiled them to get the icky marrow out. And after scrapping all the connective tissue off the bones, I gave one to Riley.  I can hear him chewing on the bone (he's in the living room and I'm in the kitchen).  The second bone is tucked into the freezer for a quick treat on Thanksgiving.  Gnawing on that bone with clean his teeth and wear him out.  He'll sleep like a rock tonight.

I went along with G and Riley on errands today instead of going to work.  Goodwill (returned two items I bought yesterday- one too small (just) and one too large), returned something to Target, G and Riley bought dog food @Petco, we ate lunch at Wendy's and read the USA Today, then Staples, then Big Lots, then the library and finally Wicked Joe's for coffee beans.  Fresh roasted locally.  I miss doing things with G.  So I decided to spend the day with him since that is the most important part of my life.  I am tired of always being scheduled to work on his days off.

One of the items I returned to Goodwill was an Eddie Bauer navy linen dress.  Large.  It fit.  But more like a large navy sack.  I tried to see if I could enhance it with scarves, rolled sleeves, etc.  Still a bag.  I looked very thin in this navy straight line bag, well, I looked like the dress I was wearing was too large for me.  So back it went.  I had tried telling myself it was a good "going to a funeral" dress.  Not.

At Target I returned something and then looked at the flannel pajamas.  They had these cute beige pjs with red piping and old fashioned Santas all over.  Yesterday they had one in Medium and one, I thought, in XL.  But it was XXL.  So, I left empty handed.  I was thinking I might be happy with some Holiday Pajamas.

I read in the USA Today that my favorite show on television this season, Prime Suspect, might be getting the early cancellation AXE.  It's gritty and you have to pay attention and listen to the story.  Same with Detroit 187 last year.  Televison caters to the lowest demographics.  Sad but true.  If I think it's fabulous it will disappear.  And if I miss the first season and start watching something in the second season?  And really like it?  They cancel it mid season.  So depressing.

So, I'll read my book instead.

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