Thursday, November 17, 2011


I was very happy when I found and bought this praying Buddhist monk.  I still am happy that I found something large enough, heavy enough and cheerful enough.  But he is so dark.  The place where he sits and prays is like a black hole when the days are sunless and in the evening, he is just a very dark, but large, shadow next to the lamp.  This morning I am deciding whether to take him back.  I know G wasn't thrilled to have him here.  And G refuses to allow the monk to sit upon my bedroom dresser.  Which is where I thought the monk should be sitting.

I just carried the monk down to the bedroom, removed the pile of Smartwool socks from the top of my dresser and slid the statue into place.  It helps that the sun broke through at that moment.  The monk is perfectly centered between the frames of two of my wastebasket art pieces.  Next to my fake orchid.  I think I will wait till next week to "keep or return" my Buddhist monk.  He is the perfect size and proportion for that space.  We'll see.

I'd take a picture BUT my camera is acting up again.  The lens won't open or close without a great deal of coaxing.  I really dislike buying new things.  And a camera purchase is filled with unresolved anxiety.  On my part.

I have just decided to empty one of the gorgeous baskets I have and fill it with my wool socks.  Then I can fill the sock drawer with white cotton tee shirts and have them more conveniently stored.  A drawer filled with socks is never a good thing.  All jumbled up.  I am feeling really pleased with this idea.

Yesterday, I made pizza for G.  He had to make a last minute run to the grocery as I had no pizza sauce.  His pizza smelled delicious.  I was roasting a spaghetti squash.  Taking advantage of the heated pizza oven. I had leftover meatballs and sauce for lunch and had a bowl of Alfredo and squash for supper.  My meal planning for Induction has not been well conceived.  Breakfast was ham and cheese, fried crispy, topped with two fried eggs with runny yolks.  This morning a sausage, egg, onion and cheese omelet topped with half an avocado.  I seem to be having a "regular" morning.  How strange, but welcome.

I am going into work as soon as I discover something to pack for my lunch.  I am interested to see what plants have arrived to herald in the Open House Sales this weekend.  G is working today.  He has the weekend off.  So we will be spending Saturday together.

I purchased fresh TVP (the stuff I have in a jar in the cupboard is from 10 years ago) and I want to try the TVP Oatmeal substitute.  The comments on the forum say it comes out "chewy" which is an adjective I like when it comes to oatmeal.  TVP is Textured Vegetable Protein.  Soy.  I used to add it to any meal where I was using ground beef.  To extend the meat by half again and to lower whatever was bad about meat at that time in my life.  Perhaps I was short of grocery money.  I know that TVP is an excellent protein source and good in chili, tacos and even meatballs.

I watched Work of Art last night.  Will they ever have actual artists on this show?  One young woman was praised last week for her drawing.  She projected the newspaper photo onto paper and traced it.  The words she wrote next to the images were misspelled.  Her claim to fame is that she and her mother lived with the actor from the Godfather and Scarface for 10 years.  So. What.  Al Pacino.

I think I am going to have a salad and tuna for lunch.

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Carolyn aka Silkquilter said...

Maybe she makes bad art everyday! LOL (Be sure to read it snarkily) My Aunt was an art major in college. Her art work is gorgeous and wonderful and you know what you are looking at. My grandmother's paintings are also really good. She didn't start painting until she was 69. You make really beautiful art also. How come you aren't on that show? Not that I ever watch it, as I don't have incoming TV broadcasting.