Monday, November 28, 2011

My Second Holiday Purchase

The light here in Maine isn't the best this morning.  Bright but dulled by clouds.  This bow is startling in it's green FLASH!  I saw it sparkling away in a box on the worktable and I shouted "can I have that?" and my co-worker laughed and said sure.  I will manage a photo of the full glory of chartreuse green with glitter one of these days.  Still no 8 foot tall wild trees.  So, no Christmas Tree for me as yet.  I am ready, right now, to strings lights and dangle baubles on my tree.  I am ready for a little Christmas.

G managed to get the new exhaust fan installed in the main bathroom (the one with a shower).  The master bath has no shower.  That should have been a signal to the two of us that this house was peculiar.  It has a tub, but is far from the source of hot water, so, by the time the tub fills, the water is all cold.  Miserable. I need Helen's tub with the "reheat the water" feature and the "bubbles".  It must be like soaking in champagne.

Work, yesterday, was exhausting but the "golden side of the coin" as my daughter is fond of mentioning, is that I was wearing pants that fit for the first time in 4 years.  And no wedgie ride up in the rise, pockets lying flat against my hips, and plenty of leg room.  No sausage casings.  I have no idea what size they are, but that doesn't matter.  They fit properly.  I wore a long pullover sweater over the top.  Also, something rarely if ever worn due to fit issues.  I looked thin.  I felt thin.  I felt fantastic.  Bother with the scale which says the wrong number every morning.  I now have a "power outfit" to wear when I need to feel powerful and thin.  Steel grey which suits the silver grey of my hair and my still suntanned face.  A bit of rosy blush and I look good.  Alive.

I did a load of darks this morning before breakfast (bacon, egg and cheese on a flax MIM), let the dog in and out several times, read a few blogs and monitored the repotted/divided African Violets I carried home from work.  I divided a huge Violet for a customer and the plant, while very large, had very few roots.  I think the next few days and weeks will be a struggle for the newly divided plants (6 large, 12 inch in diameter violet clumps).  The two I have are still good in the center but the outside leaves are wilting a bit. Of course, the two I have are not the best.  Those (three) are still at work waiting for the customer to pick up on Tuesday.  Which reminds me to pot up the Clivia orphan I also rescued at work.  Root rot.

I happened upon one of the shopping networks last night selling a Fujifilm camera.  It had a huge bundle of "software" and that is why I didn't call and buy the camera.  Only $199.  I just want to install the camera here on the desk and transfer pictures to iPhoto, use them and then move them to the trash.  I don't keep pictures.  I don't make Flicker albums or books.  I am not like everyone else, I guess.  With huge files of pictures on the hard drive or in the "cloud" storage.  I rarely even take the camera anywhere outside the house.  How strange is that? It's merely a "tool" like a good pencil or pen.

So, housekeeping (vacuuming up glitter from the Gingerbread House), laundry and shirt ironing.  I also need to visit the grocery to buy Atkins Diet Food for the week.  At work.  Today is G's 65th birthday. I think he may want to go out for dinner, but it's Monday and here in Maine, Sunday and Monday the local restaurants are all closed. Except for chains, which are always open.  We'll see.

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Diane N said...

I love your green bow and I hope your husband had a very happy birthday!