Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Update

Yesterday was quite mild so we walked the dog together.  Riley got to play with a very young female black lab- Juno.  She was better behaved.  Riley is having "I want things to be my way" issues right now. Isn't going to happen.  Things were mostly brown in the woods.  I did manage to find some green moss.

Today I worked.  Holiday Open House.  Remember I mentioned that I wondered what sort of holiday it would be with the economy and unease among people regarding their employment etc.?  Well, today was very slow.  My schedule for next week is three weekdays and Sunday.  See, I had decided to be happy I was working less than 20 hours a week.  And the three days are each an hour longer.  30 hours.  I am also getting holiday pay for Thursday.  Whoo Ha!  Show me the money!!!

Somehow I need to find time to make a Pumpkin Cheesecake before Thursday.

I made chili yesterday evening.  It was originally a recipe purported to be a "Longhorn Chili" look alike. But it wasn't.  And I added and changed a few things.  The resulting chili has too many carbs (mostly from the tomatoes) but it is very, very good and contains no beans.  I added a package of French's Chili O mix (carbs here also) and reconstituted a cup of dry TVP granules (fewer carbs but some) and added that to a pound of 85% ground beef.  I'm going to be eating it for the next few days.   Unless I find something with fewer carbs to eat instead.  Then I will freeze the chili until after induction.

Since I am working Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this week, I need to have something good to eat for lunch on those days.  And G will want supper.  I better think of something that I can make tomorrow and reheat after work.  I also have to walk the dog after work.  That takes an hour.  And I have shirts to iron.

I'm tired.  I worked hard today.  I made 18 holiday boxes (two custom), watered the entire greenhouse, set out the new plants that came in this morning.  On my feet for 9 hours.  On cement.  30 minutes for lunch.  I did not have a single cookie off the Open House table.  I did have a cup of decaf.  And a slim slice of aged Gouda (excellent) but when I went back, it was all gone.  Thank goodness.  We'll be having cookies everyday from now to Christmas.  My willpower will be tested.

I lost an additional half pound this morning but my rings are tight so I am holding water.  I am drinking 8 glasses of liquids everyday.  And not peeing all that much.  I'll give it another day and then adjust my diet to limit salty things.  The liquids include a major amount of O calorie drink mixes.  Green Tea and Lemonade. 4C brand which is new to me, but contains Splenda.  I like Splenda.

I may fall asleep before I even heat up something for dinner.

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