Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy "Hello Kitty" Holiday to Me

McD's is having a Hello Kitty Happy Meal this month.  And G brought a set home for me.  And here they are all lined up in front of my Birthday Kitty Dolls and My Hello Kitty Lunchbox.   I can look up, over the monitor screen, and see all their little black dot eyes and yellow button noses.  I don't know why Hello Kitty is suddenly so popular after lying fallow for so many years.  I just wish I knew where the lovely, big, Hello Kitty doll I had when we lived in Germany, is, right now.  No one has seen it.

I am tempted to buy the greeting cards with the Hello Kitty, Kitty on them--just to have in the greeting card box.  Not to send.  I am really, so easily, made happy with these tiny things.  It makes no sense.

Shoveling the driveway took four hours. (Do you think there will be any weight loss?) The snow was deep and heavy.  What they call "heart attack" snow because men usually have a heart attack while shoveling the heavy, wet stuff.  I call it "back ache" snow.  The end of the driveway was PACKED with snow chunks from the plows, that were 3 by 4 feet wide and deep.  I can't imagine what they weighed.  I scooped them onto my scoop shovel, then slid them across the street and into my neighbor's ditch.  Not her driveway.  Who cares if they have extra snow in their ditches?

For some unknown, weather related reason, there is always more snow piled on my side of the street and hardly any on my neighbor's side. There was no way the Honda Fit could have powered through that much snow.  I wasn't going to work or anywhere else until I shoveled.  G wouldn't have had an easy time with the snow blower.  The snow was too wet.

I am now medicated (big orange pill), G is home from work and on his way out into the woods with Riley for a walk.  And G has the next two days off for the holiday.  He didn't know.  So, he's pretty happy.

I should be starting in on making my pumpkin cheesecake.  I. Should. Be.


Diane N said...

Did you buy the "Hello Kitty" Pez collection that was out last year? It's a pink carrying case with three or four kitties in it. Very cute.

I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Annie said...

Aren't those dolls cute?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
: )

Jan said...

You wouldn't believe the abundance of HK items in Japan. Ubiquitous! I've seen HK city buses, an HK jetliner on the runway and in Osaka, and women's lingerie shops that are entirely HK themed. (A bit much!) Did you know she has a boyfriend? (Dear Daniel...)