Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gingerbread House Redux

I did a few things to "sparkle" up the Gingerbread House.  I added new trees out front (I bought them at Big Lots last year but they have them again if you are interested), shiny pink bows over the window peaks, new snow and I jazzed up the lollipops on the roof with beads and gumdrops.

This is a detail shot of the painting I did to make the house "cookie-like" originally.  I also "baked" Sculpty clay into cookies (hearts and the boys) going for a German spice cookie look with the hearts.  This year I added more gumdrops to the roof peak.

Here's the front view with the new trees, red bows, little red sparkly balls over the door and under the second floor windows.  I also purchase a candle ring to use as a wreath over the front, center window. I was trying to add more red to the whole design as it seemed rather pale and not Christmassy enough.

Tomorrow the house is traveling to work with G.  We'll see if the customers can keep their hands to themselves and not pick and pull the trim and fake gumdrops off the house.  It looks really nice.  I'm happy.

I don't know why the type is going this way.  I am too tired from work to even attempt to fix it.  G has been working in the bathroom to install the second exhaust vent.  So we will be more efficient when we try and remove the large amount of moisture in the bathroom after we take showers.  Which I am going to do right now.  I can't wait.  I am covered in dirt from repotting things, filling boxes with sap covered evergreens and sweeping the floor.


Paula, the quilter said...

Wow, this looks really, really good. I can see why people would want to pick at it to see if it were real.

Diane N said...

Oh my gosh! The gingerbread house is amazing! Your attention to detail is just astonishing and it looks so beautiful.

I am seriously impressed!

Carolyn aka Silkquilter said...

Love the Gingerbread House! One year I made a cookie train for my Father-in-law. He was a life-long Union Pacific employee. I used real cookies and candies and pretzels, etc. It survivied the first season, but I don't think it was stored properly as it fell apart when gotten out the next year. I wish I could find the directions to make another one. However, I would use sculpy or other clays to make fake cookies and such.

Annie said...

Very nice gingerbread house!
: )

dee said...

It really is beautiful Joanne.