Saturday, March 31, 2012

Walking In The Woods

This is a view of the bridge we cross before entering the Commons.  Things do look this ratty in the woods. No one owns the space (the Town) so hardly anyone cleans up deadwood etc.  There is someone who hauled wood and built this bridge over the wetland.  They even came back and repaired it this fall.  Thank you.

Today is EOM (end of month) for G at work so he was home with Riley and me for the morning and early afternoon.  After breakfast we did errands.  The post office for much needed stamps (I got the Bonsai Tree stamps), which I promptly stuck onto the large pile of bill envelopes.  Then the library to drop off and pick up.  Then Walmart.  I hate Walmart but after checking prices--I really have to shop there.  Sometimes my regular grocery is 50 cents to a whole dollar more expensive for just one item.  That is stunning.  Multiply by 20 or more items and it gets expensive.  Fast.  My eggbeaters are $3.88 at Walmart and $5.19 at the other grocery.  I still have to go to the regular grocery because Walmart just doesn't stock certain items I need.  Like full fat yogurt and the "on sale" tuna that I realized is better than Chicken of the Sea.

I also refuse to buy fresh meat at Walmart.  I refuse.

My daughter was pushed into visiting Target with me this afternoon.  And then into having dinner with me at a real restaurant.  She is always  1. too busy  2. too tired  3. in her pajamas  4. all of the above to go anywhere with me.  She scored some Converse sneakers in her favorite aqua blue.  I got some huge spa towels to try.  Big for me and "cushy" for G.  I am also trying out a new kind of undies.  My idea for wearing capri tights under my shorts at work was given the thumbs down by my daughter a "fashion policewoman".  I wanted to cover up my chubby old lady knees.  She said she's seen worse.  Somehow I don't feel all bouncy and pleased by that.

We sat in our booth at the restaurant and chatted for quite a while.  Then I drove her home and then drove myself home where I was exuberantly greeted by a happy black dog.  He had missed getting his dinner on time.  I had promised G meatballs in marinara for tomorrow's dinner and since I will be at work from 8:30 to 5:30 tomorrow, I had to start in on the meatballs right then and there.  It's now almost midnight.  The meatballs are packed and chilling in the fridge.  I also ironed all G's work shirts and even a shirt of my own.  Folded laundry and set a load of white to washing.  I hand washed some dishes.

The purchase of those books of stamps set my tiny world in order.  Not having stamps for my bill paying had really made me anxious and rather unsettled.  I sort of stopped doing house hold chores when I ran out of stamps.  Isn't that the weirdest thing?  I didn't realize it until I had the stamps in my hands and felt so peppy and clear headed, renewed if you will --hence all the work and time spent with the daughter.  Plus the bills are in the mail.

Do you know if sugar free, fat free jello comes in banana pudding flavor?  I have been enjoying the SF/FF vanilla pudding mix in my FF Greek yogurt very much.  My daughter suggested the banana pudding when I mentioned that I won't ever be able to eat bananas again.  I love bananas and I triple love banana pudding (with vanilla pudding, sugar wafers and banana slices -- A Southern treat I won't ever be eating again).  Now I will have to be on the hunt for it.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Joanne, I love that visual of the bridge, spanning a residential area and the woods. Really thought provoking.