Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not What I Was Expecting This Morning

I may not have paid as much attention as usual to the weather report last night.  Because I was actually surprised by the "whiteness" outside my bedroom window this morning.  My little daffodils look bedraggled and cold out there.  No sun.  Yesterday, on my drive to work, the wind chill was 13 degrees.  Wasn't it just 80?  I have no idea how to dress for work.

Things are going along.  I am trying to see how much fat I can cram into every meal.  And how few carbs. It's fun. And I no longer have to worry about being "irregular".  My breakfast eggs, sausage and cheese is topped with a whole avocado with lime and salt.  A party on a plate.  I have checked the cupboards and freezer.  My only protein source for lunch is another large can of tuna.  I had that yesterday with a ton of mayo.  Without the green salad.  Dinner was full fat yogurt with heavy cream whipped in until the yogurt was thick and mousse-like.  I sweetened with sugar free vanilla syrup.  One cup of full fat (10%) yogurt has 12 carbs (4 usable) and my husband's yogurt which is 6 ounces and low fat had 33 carbs.  27 from sugar.

I am down four pounds since Sunday. It would have been more but I ate 1/2 cup of pistachios after my yogurt yesterday.  Salt.  Holds water.  I have to stay away from the nuts.

Work was long and hard yesterday.  I watered plants, mostly over my head, from 8:30 to noon when I decided to just sit down and eat my lunch.  After that, I ordered houseplants and herbs and finally at the end of my shift, did something sweet, just for myself.  I used the leftover moss from the open house display to "pretty" up the bonsai we have for sale.  Now they have "hills" of moss mosaic surrounding the little trees.  NOW they look like something you would pay $80 to $90 for.  That's the kind of "work" I enjoy doing. After work, I walked the dog for an hour.

Today I am working the afternoon shift. All the Easter flowers are coming in today.  The whole greenhouse will be full of Easter lilies.  And my hands will be golden yellow from the pollen as I remove all the messy pollen covered stamen.  The lilies last longer if the pollen is removed.  My holiday garden tip. G brought a forsythia branch in and it has started to bloom.  Reminds me of the Easter trees I decorated when we lived in Germany.  Hanging all sorts of tiny eggs, chicks and bunnies in the flowering branches.  A long time ago but still a sweet memory.  When did I stop doing that?  Why?  Have I changed that much?

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Annie said...

Yeah, I just knew there would be snow after that 80+ degree days we had last week.
We didn't get snow last night down here but may well tonight and tomorrow. UGH!

Joanne, I was just reading some of your old posts starting with Dec of 2005, great reading and pics of your work there. Wow, I'm impressed that you met and did some work with Hollis Chatelain, to me she is just so admirable, love her work!

I plan to continue to read your back posts, very interesting.

: )