Sunday, March 04, 2012

Things Are Looking Up

Life is slowly being controlled.  I feel more in charge of things.  More.  Not completely.  I never really feel completely in charge of anything.  Life is too variable no matter how hard we try to "be in charge".  I think I will be recalled to work in the next 10 days.  This morning, for some odd reason, I was denied the ability to file for the week's benefits.  See?  Life is unpredictable.  At least my morning on the internet hasn't been a complete waste.  Two great articles to read and a low carb dieter wrote about how he is continuing to "suck" at the low carb diet.

I am not losing weight.  And I am sticking to the low carb diet.  I am even upping the percentage of fat in relation to protein and carbs.  10% fat whole milk yogurt with added heavy cream.  Tuna and real mayo. Lots of olive oil with my omelet and good Jarlsberg cheese.  Only, ever, really hungry in the morning.  Because I finally STOPPED snacking on raw almonds while watching television.  I need to return to hand sewing while watching television.  Keeping the hands busy.  I think about eating a lovely baked sweet potato drenched in butter.  That is my food craving.

I purchased a box of white chalk at the grocery.  When I got home, opened the box and tried to remove one stick, I discovered all the sticks were broken.  Someone had dropped the box on the floor at the grocery.  Then returned it to the display.  I was disappointed.  Really.  But I didn't drive all the way back into town to return the chalk.  I used the broken pieces.  And I will be following a reader's suggestion and looking for MS chalk at Staples.

I'm going to make my morning omelet right now, with patty sausage (the kind I now think is the best), kale, onion, red pepper flakes and some cheese.   I might make a MIM for eating later in the afternoon.  I have been wanting chicken wings so I intend to go buy some from somewhere.  Possibly a Chinese restaurant.  Poo Poo Platter wings.

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