Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Remaining Evidence Of Winter

Tomorrow is the astronomic start of Spring.  The Maine start of Spring is the day the Dairy Queen opens. Yesterday G wanted to have his first Blizzard of the Season.  We drove to the Queen and the lines and crowds were stretched from the service windows to the curb.  G decided he'd wait till next weekend. Mainers were out in shorts and flip flops it was that warm (to us but maybe not to you).

We also had dinner at the SeaDog on the river and they had opened the outside deck for seating.  G didn't want to wait for a table, he thought it was too cold at 68 degrees, but it was sunny and everyone else was sitting outside.  It would have been nice.  Earlier we had walked the dog and neither of us wore a coat.  In March.  In Maine.

Today is also the day to reveal the Winter block that myself and a few friends are making.  My block is not finished yet so my reveal will be later today.  Not now.  And my block, which was based on the picture at the top of this post, is not turning out as I had pictured it in my head.  Now sometimes that is a good thing, but not this time.  I could still "pull it out" but I won't know until I get comments.  Later today.

The crazy kitchen staff at the SeaDog prepared a plate of Nachos for me without the chips.  Now it wasn't perfect but now I can see that this is actually something I can make for myself.  I wasn't SEEING the potential ( I am obviously not as crazy as the kitchen staff).  Some nice, melted in the oven, cheese topped with sour cream, avocado, olives, jalapeño, and crispy fried sausage or  taco seasoned ground beef is going to be super delicious in my Spring menu rotation.  I even watched a YouTube video on how to make cheese crisps which I can serve with my nachos.  But a "serving" of cheese crisps is 2.  So more of a garnish than a meal. I also intend to start making the zucchini pizza crusts more often.  I stopped during the winter.  Zucchini was too expensive.

Yesterday was a miserable diet day for me.  My weight was up again and I actually FELT larger than I have in months. This morning I had "lost" two pounds.  It'll be back.  I don't know if drinking all this water is a good thing.  I have increased water consumption by 300% and feel like I am retaining a lot of it.

I started today with two 8 ounce cups of water already.  I try and drink 24 ounces of water before I have any coffee or breakfast.  And I have 16 to 24 ounces before lunch at work.  Another 16 to 24 ounces with dinner and I always have a glass of water on the table next to me while watching evening television.  You would think I would be running to the bathroom all day.  But I'm really not. I am visiting the bathroom more often, but not 300% more. Where is all the water going? Perhaps my body is just getting used to having more water available.  Or perhaps I am not meant to be drinking so much water.  I have never been a water (or anything else) drinker.  I actually am having to FORCE myself to drink the water.  It would be easier if I could eat a handful of salty peanuts before each cup of water.  But, salty peanuts are forbidden.

I will be having an egg omelet with sausage, onion and spinach for breakfast.  I ran out of avocados.  They were wonderful diced on top of the omelet with a squeeze of lime juice and a sprinkle of salt.  I had some cheese on yesterday's omelet, breaking my no cheese rule.  And then broke it further with the restaurant half order of veggie nachos.  At least I was full and not hungry.

I have things to do.  Places to go.  Dogs to walk.  Better get started.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Just posted my Winter quilt. Looking forward to seeing yours - love the picture.