Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good Morning

Work is all consuming.  This weekend is the Open House.  New tables are being built as the work of bringing in plants continues.  And the heat.  It was terrible yesterday.  All the tiny baby plants are suffering in 80 and 90 degrees in the big greenhouse.  The smaller plastic house is usually cold this time of year (holding perennials) but it was incredibly hot in there yesterday as I watered.  Hotter today. Customers are buying everything as soon as we put it out, which is good for business.

My underwear was moist all day yesterday. You know I wasn't happy or comfortable.  Taking pain meds each night so I can fall asleep.  I am wearing lighter pants, with the legs rolled up to capri length and I have a very loose pair of shorts in my bag (I cut the belt out of the waistband) if it does go up to 80 degrees outside (100 inside).  Getting my haircut before work.  Got to run.

Yes, my work pants and shorts are looser than they were last year at this time.  My legs, on the other hand, are just as old and wrinkly as they were last year.  I'll keep the capris on as long as possible.

Oops! I wanted to thank you for the wonderful comments regarding the Winter piece.  Check back here the day before spring ends to see part two.  My challenge is to make the four seasons work together as a 24 inch square.

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Deborah Boschert said...

Oh, I love the idea of making them throughout the year but planning for them to connect as a larger unit. Fantastic. So will those brown lines continue into the next square. Did you plan that?!

The quilt is beautiful. I especially love the delicate reverse applique foot prints.