Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Happy Days Are Back Again

I just got the call.  I am going BACK TO WORK!!!  Last year I was ambivalent.  This year I am eager to get back to work.  I start back on Monday for the afternoon shift.  No more unemployment frustration. And I have a handful of classes to teach in the next few months.  Now, to get the house ship shape.

Today and tomorrow are going to be really WARM.  High 50's today and 60"s tomorrow so I will be opening windows (turning off the furnace first of all) and airing out the house.  Freshening things up.  Yesterday, after walking Riley, I visited the grocery and bought all the ingredients for those three dinners G suggested.  But then I was too "tired" to cook, so we went to our local favorite, a nice Italian place and had a lovely dinner.  Tonight I am cooking the boneless pork rib steaks and making an extra large dish of sautéed sauerkraut to go along.  Sauerkraut has lots of fiber and hardly any carbs and it adds a sour saltiness to otherwise bland low carb meals.  Yes, I said it.  The meals are bland.  I am not a user of hot sauces and jalapeño to liven up my food.  That seems to be the way others make dinner more exciting.

Todays omelet was bare bones.  Egg, sausage, onion and cheese.  I may have a bowl of full fat yogurt  sweetened with sugar free vanilla syrup later.  Right now I am enjoying the sunshine and my second cup of coffee.  I think I will sign off and finish my coffee on the back stoop with the dog.  Celebrate going back to work.  I was, well and truly, bored to tears this winter at home.

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