Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ranunculus & Forsythia

Meet in a miniature milk bottle.  The forsythia is from my yard and the Ranunculus broke in a cart moving accident at work.  I wasn't involved.  But I hated to even think about tossing the pretty flower, not yet opened fully, into the trash.  I knew I needed a pretty picture for you, dear Readers.

It didn't snow today.  But it was cold, gray and drizzly.  Enough that the customers found warmer places to spend their cash today.  I am hoping it's better tomorrow.

G and I began the day having breakfast together and then driving to our bank for an early meeting with an investment counselor.  He asked questions and we answered.  The kinds of questions people don't ask. How much do you spend.  How much money do you need to live comfortably. How little could you live on.  Do you have parents or siblings to be financially responsible for.  Children.  Grandchildren. How much money do you have to invest in your retirement.  Will you get a pension.  How long will you work.  How old are you.  What is your health situation.  Do you have a will.  Health power of attorney. A mortgage.  Would you consider moving to a smaller, less expensive house or condo.  How do you see retirement.  How will you spend your days.

G and I are pretty much "in touch with reality" so it was easy (easier) to answer these questions and we had tried to guess what we would be asked and thought about a few things before the meeting.  I mentioned that I see "going to work" as time off from the grueling household work load. G sees being home as a time to rest up.  No wonder we are rarely happy on his or my days off when we are both home together.  I want help with household chores and G wants to sleep.

I also mentioned that if G is retired and at home all day, I will be at work.  Outside the house.  The counselor described that as "half the income and twice the husband".  Something few wives are happy with.  When G was ill last winter, I got a taste of "retirement" with the two of us at home.  Making him breakfast. Finding his book.  Giving him his pills. Walking the dog while he napped.  Making lunch.  Driving him to the doctor's appointments.  Giving him pills.  Making him dinner.  etc.  I didn't like it.  The only time I had to myself was at Walmart waiting the 30 minutes for his prescriptions.  G mentioned all the "old timers" who show up at his McD's several times a day for coffee and to talk to each other.  He didn't want to spend his life like that, either.  We both need our retirement years to be more productive than that.

Not having a mortgage and working as long as possible are excellent ways to make the money you have last longer than you do.  Unless you draw a pension.  Which is why my dad always worked for the city. Bus driver and then policeman.  And a lovely pension he collected for nearly 40 years.

G dropped me off at work after the meeting and then filled my car up with gas.  When he came back to get me at closing time he suggested we get some local BBQ for dinner.  Good thought.  The cupboards here at home are quite bare (for me).  G still has one meal of leftovers in the fridge.  I've had a good long, hot shower and plan to watch some television.  Work again tomorrow.

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Annie said...

That is a nice picture, I like all the flower pics. All your pics are nice no matter what they are of.

Nice thoughts on retirement. DH and I are there, both at home. It is a bit of work what with the meal prep and clean up, he helps a little.
I dislike eating out!

My dh traveled for most of his working life and I got to do as I pleased for many years with only myself to think about, so I became quite spoiled and found a big change when he's home all the time. He is good about entertaining himself, has lots of hobbies to keep him busy, with his own studio over the garage. Most days I only see him for meals and we watch tv together in the evening.

All is well at the present time.The big thing is staying well!!

: )