Friday, March 23, 2012

Starry, Starry Night

When G and I returned from our Friday Night dinner, I spotted Venus and Jupiter in the night sky. So we ventured into the back yard before going into the house and the night sky was full of bright stars.  I found Orion (always the first constellation I can recognize) and G found the Big Dipper.  I think everything was so clear and bright that we could have found nearly every thing if we had a Star Map.  I tried to take a picture of the stars (my daughter wished me "good luck" with that).  No luck.

I love a starry night.  It's like a reality check.  Hey, you live on a planet.  In a solar system.  Out in space.

I watered everything at work.  Some things-- twice.  The wind was really strong today and the greenhouse was taking a pounding.  It was worse in the plastic house.  Woop!  Boom!  As the walls went in and out. Today was supposed (like I always say, being a weather man is the perfect job as you never have to get it right) to be colder and cloudier.  It was sunny and even nicer than the previous two summer days.  Today was in the 70's.  Like last night.  At midnight last night the temperature, in Maine, in March was 70 degrees.  What is going on?

Everyone has their summer clothing out of storage and I saw so many flip flops today.  I wore one of the fitted white blouses my daughter gave me when we went to dinner.  With jeans that fit close and a black lightweight down vest.  I felt beautiful and stylish.  Thanks to my daughter.  She knew just what I needed to move from frumpy to fashionable.  I have, rarely, if ever, worn a fitted blouse.  No extra room.  No fullness.  It followed the curve of my spine over the back of my jeans.  Daring.  For me.  And I didn't get any marinara sauce on it.

Tomorrow G and I share a day off.  He was trying to discover what I had on my "personal" agenda for the day.  I thought -- bank, library, Target or Loew's, walk the dog, vacuum the floors and slow roast the pork butts I bought on Monday.  Southern Pulled Pork in an apple cider marinade.  Yum.  That will be my day off.  And I have to prep for the Vegetable Gardening Class on Sunday.  It has to be outstanding.  It's Open House Weekend.  Talk to you Monday.

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