Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Other Side Of The Computer Screen

Is cluttered with all my recipe cards, notes, plant lists cords, bills etc.  Quite the mess.  But it just shows that I do stuff.  Read things. Collect new recipes.  I wrote most of this last night.  And then, with dinner prep, never got back.  Yesterday I worked, I shopped at Wally World, I came home and butterflied and pounded chicken breasts, breaded them with butter, Parmesan cheese and the smallest amount of bread crumbs I could use.  While they baked, I took my shower.   I served the chicken to G with rice and steamed asparagus.  I had asparagus and chicken with a small salad.  In the ten months of Atkins I had forgotten how to make rice, a staple menu item in the years (so many) before Atkins.  Forgotten how to make rice. Wow.

I have limited my diet to the very basic Atkins items.  No cheese.  No nuts.  No whipped cream.  I am drinking water. So very much water.  I may have even had 10 glasses yesterday.  I lost count.  This morning I weight 2.5 pounds less.  Still not where I used to be, just a week ago.  Miles to go. It seems.  I am not in a "happy place" right now with my food choices.  I won't bore you with it.

My co workers are all a "Twitter" over PinInterest.  At lunch they show each other pictures of stuff they have pinned overnight.  They want me to join in the fun.  Yesterday, all day long, I was handed iPhones to look at pinned pictures.  And I was expected to express joy and amazement over the shared pictures.  Some of them were actually interesting.  I did spend an hour (at home on Tuesday) looking at someone else's Pinned Items on different  blogs.  It's a really big time waster.  Some guy actually uses Borax to wash his hair and face.  Makes his hair shiny and his face smooth and wrinkle free.  I read the labels on my box of Borax and it mentions not getting the Borax in your eyes.  I think you could get it in your eyes with shampooing or face washing. And people have "re-pinned" this helpful hint many times.

We just discovered we have no phone service.  G called me yesterday and the phone rang and rang and I never answered and he thought I had died or fallen and gotten hurt etc.  Turns out the phone doesn't work. The helpful local phone company has G going outside to plug something into the box (attached to the house) to see if we actually have service or if the house phone is not working.  Do It Yourself Phone Repair.  What a concept.  And he was worried he wouldn't have anything to do today.

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