Friday, March 02, 2012

Real Or Imagined

I woke this morning with a number of problems (real or imagined).  Well, "troubles" more than problems.  Things I am troubled by, things I feel I must address, deal with as best I can, "fix" in some way.  Today's photo worked itself out quite nicely ( I am in love with the color saturation button in iPhoto).  Let's hope everything else does also.  I refuse to bore you with details.

It snowed.  All day yesterday.  G had to use the snowblower twice.  I had to shovel.  My finger tips (wore the wrong gloves) suffered frost bite.  Long ago, as I child, my brothers and I spent way too long outside in the cold and my fingers and toes were often painful and bitten by the frost.  As I get older, the bite returns to my fingers, most often.  I need to be more careful.  Wear proper, warm gloves (if such a thing exists).  I was born with ice cold hands and feet.  My mother often mentioned that she was never able to keep my extremities warm.  I, also, rarely slept as a baby.  I am supposing the following three siblings were all accidents.

My chalkboard painting is finished (two coats sanded in-between) and the surface is smooth.  Best of all, I did not get paint on my clothes. Now, I realize, I do not have chalk.  Where does one buy chalk?  I think the best, creamy, high quality chalk is no longer made because dry erase boards are now the standard in schools.  I'd like that really good, dense stuff the French restaurants use on the menu boards outside bistros.  I'd love to be able to write in the script the French use. I think it is possible to learn how.  I should add that to my "bucket" list.  IF I had a bucket list.  Someday, soon, I intend to cover an entire wall with chalkboard paint and scribble all over it.  Just as I intend to deconstruct my kitchen and make it all concrete counters and stainless steel.  Industrial. To hell with "resale values".  Oh, I have lots of dreams chasing my waking hours.

G installed the two new light sconces in the hall bath (late last evening).  Let there be light.  I, happily, took the original sconces and tossed them in the garbage can along with their ratty little shades.  I admit to being rather forceful with the tossing and should be more honest and say I smashed them into the garbage can.  Spell check wants them to be scones.  Which I have a recipe for (Smitten Kitchen) with subs of almond and coconut flours.  But I digress.

I never got around to visiting the grocery yesterday.  I need something for dinner tonight and Saturday. Hopefully, I can make something today and be able to serve it both days.  It would be great if only minimal cooking was involved.  And, if the grocery has chalk for sale, my visit would be perfection.

I hope I feel better soon.  Sooner.  Soonest.

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Carol said...

Just noticed that Staples store is carrying a line of Martha Stewart office supplies which includes a package of white chalk that appeared to be the "good" type you are searching for. Don't know if you have access to a nearby Staples or could try online.