Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Every Day Is A Gift

This day is very cold and very bright.  The sun is out.  Tomorrow will be warm enough for me to open windows and air out the house.  The ground is still covered in snow, but not much.  In fact, we have usually had snow cover most of this mild winter.  Just not much.

I stayed up last night, very late, because I became interested in an old Barbra Streisand movie about a Mirror With Two Faces.  It wasn't what I thought it would be, and while the beginning was promising, the last 45 minutes was not.  I also watched episode 5 of SMASH.  I admit to watching to see the set design of the apartments and the dancer's clothing.  I DREAM of being able to sing and dance.  I bet you would never believe that of me.  Even as a child I dreamed of not being tone deaf and rhythm deaf.  I like a great, emotional song, belted out all the way to the cheap seats.  My next life?

I discovered that I could actually eat cold, leftover roast turkey.  If I covered it in enough spicy mustard. I used up half the leftover turkey for a turkey/swiss panini for G's supper and then decided, since I had nothing for my own meal--to eat the remainder of the turkey.  The mustard was out (G likes it on everything) so I tried it, liked it, ate it.  Then finished with a large green salad.  I am trying to eat "clean" as they say on the Atkins Forum. Not that I am seeing any "results" but I feel better when I eat this way.

I am going to the grocery today.  G suggested hamburgers, pork steaks and pizza for the next three days.  Sounds okay to me. I have come to love the "bun less"  bacon cheeseburger.  And I really love the crispy fried pork steaks with sautéed sauerkraut and onion.  I haven't had a zucchini crusted pizza in a long time, so that should be nice as well.  So, he picked good things.

The hall bath looks different now, with the new light sconces and the new medicine cabinet.  G still has the new faucets and shower hardware to work on.  We'll see.  May need a plumber.  I need to shop for towel bars and hooks for the back of the door.  And drawer pulls.  A new rug would be sweet.

I have the week's shirts to iron, the dog vomit stain to remove from the sisal carpet, the dining room table to clear off, the grocery shopping and the dog walk on the schedule for today.  I managed to write checks for the bills after dinner last night.  The floor needs sweeping.  I have a load of whites to fold and a load of darks in the washer.  The sheets need changing.  Gosh, "not working" is so restful and relaxing.

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