Thursday, March 01, 2012

March First Snowstorm

It is snowing.  It has been snowing.  It will continue to snow.  March arrives with a vengeance, which is good because then it will depart like a sweet baby lamb.  I hope.  My picture for today is one of the blossoms on my Clivia.  A pretty yellow throat and orange edges.  A Ray of saturated sunshine on a cold, white day.

I did a few loads of laundry (minus the squeaky dryer) and then painted the plywood board G found for me in the attic with chalkboard paint.  I have classes to teach this Spring when I return to work and I wanted a blackboard with the lecture points to keep me on topic.  I can, so easily, go off topic these days.  I have the painted wood on the kitchen island.  This first coat takes 4 hours to dry.  Then I will add a second coat for overnight drying.  Then four days to "cure".

G has done the snowplowing and is now walking the dog.  I skipped the walk today as my hip is not doing too well.  Needs a bit of rest.  And I do want to take a shower.  G also will need to cut my PVC pipes for my seed starting "stand" which will hold the shop light and grow bulbs.  Also, for a class I am teaching.  I like to have new stuff each time I teach, since I have the same students (mostly) and they enjoy new information.  This year we'll discuss planting seeds by the phases of the moon.  I feel like I should wear tie dyed clothing for the class.  So Hippy Dippy.

Tonight is the premiere of AWAKE on NBC.  I am so excited about this new show and the handsome lead actor.  He played Jackson Brodie in the PBS mystery Case Histories last fall.  I realize that my excitement and the excitement of the TV reviewers will only lead to great disappointment.  Shows I love get cancelled. I wish I could LOVE some of the crap that stays on television for years and years.  But I can't.

G and TiVo Support have been exchanging emails and I think we have finally solved our problem with BBC America.  It now sports episode updates and I can get Season's Passes to the stuff I enjoy watching.  Right now that is the Tudors and The Hour.  I found, quite by accident, that I even enjoy Top Gear.  The three car nuts are quite funny and they do amusing things.  Like ride old, battered motorcycles up the coast of Vietnam or build boats out of old, beater cars and (try to) cross the English Channel.  Last week they pitted three extremely luxurious cars against each other in Albania (known for it's excellent highways---not!).  One dealer, Bentley, refused to give them a car so they subbed a Lada (made of plywood) and referred to it as a Bentley throughout the program.  So, the images of a Rolls Royce Ghost, A huge Mercedes and the battered red "Bentley" driving on to a rotting wood "ferry" and nearly into the water, will be permanently etched on my brain.  As will the "Bentley" rolling backwards (at quite a clip), along a highway wall, without brakes. Favorite so far:  One of the guys was helping another fix his motorbike ( no replacement parts allowed) and the bike tipped over, causing the smaller guy to "headbutt the other in his man parts" caused me to laugh out loud.  Not an easy task and much enjoyed for the health benefits laughter causes.  I don't watch everyday (it's always on) but when I do watch, I am never disappointed.

Well. enough aimless chatter.  Time for my shower.

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