Saturday, September 23, 2023

Filed Notes- Saturday September 23rd- AGAIN

 Huge Emotional Family Thing.

Husband is home.  Possibly a mistake but it seemed like the right way to go.  The rehab was far away- daughter working  (she took this week off) and I am still not driving- and would NEVER drive that far or that fast.. for 40 minutes one way......Everyday like I did when he had his heart attack in 2004.  I was so much younger then.

His hospital doctor said it was the right way to go....we talked about it on the phone and then he sent over release orders. (to the desk on husband's floor.)

He is coughing quite a bit- wasn't at hospital. (air might be drier here)  Doing word search on the couch. 

Daughter rolled all the carpets and made a pile of them.  Moved furniture to clear spaces for walking. I made up the bed in the guest room as it is easiest to get in and out of no chance of a slip on wood floor- as it has carpet.   And he has the walker to pull up on.

Cross the street neighbor loaned us her walker (from the time she had surgery) and also a toilet frame that G can pull up on and also helps steady him as he sits.  He's on the couch doing Word Search puzzles.

Mistake or right thing to do.......we'll see but not having visitors......that's the deal breaker for me.  Being alone.  I know the staff was very pleasant and cheerful...there was that.....

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