Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Garden Gives Me Green Beans

I worked yesterday and it was very slow.  I got bored.  I also was thinking of all the things I could be doing if I wasn't stuck at work.

Well, today I am doing those things.  I went out to the garden after breakfast.  It was toast day.  New York Rye toast with butter and apricot jam.  Coffee.  I picked peppers that were almost red.  I picked cherry tomatoes.  Regular tomatoes (won't they ever STOP?).  And green beans.  I ate about a third of the harvest of beans right there in the garden.  With dirt.  And I hope no bugs.

Now I am stirring a large pot of tomato puree, waiting for it to be thick enough.  Homemade marinara.  I have olive oil, homegrown garlic and some seasonings in the pot.  I have the remaining green beans (minus the spider) in the hot oven roasting.  They get sort of leathery and chewy.  I like that about roasted green beans.

 My eyes are bothering me again.  My daughter reports the same problems (heredity) and she uses allergy eye drops (over the counter) so on my birthday I went to the grocery and bought some.  My eyes still burn a bit but no water is leaking out and causing my skin to burn and my eyes to itch.  Does make my nose stuffy.  Not really motivated to do laundry and vacuum.  G is out "landscaping" for the day--somewhere near the ocean.  The dog is napping by the front door.

It's sunny outside but dark inside the house.  A nap does sound good.  I am 70.  Old people like me nap all the time........???  Tomorrow morning the doctor and my annual physical.  My annual lecture on my weight and BMI.  Then, all jolly from that, I go to work.

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