Thursday, September 15, 2016

Married Forty Eight Years Today

It hasn't been a smooth ride.  Bumps and upheavals along the way.  Twelve houses.  Two children.  Three cats (not at the same time) and one dog. Packing boxes from years ago--still unpacked.  Still finding treasures in the attic.  Still comfortable sitting and saying nothing.  Taking care of each other.

Yesterday back to work.  Spent the day talking.  Seven hours of the day talking.  So many people missed me and, I guess, I missed them. Mostly they talked about how different I look.  One customer said I looked smaller.  Another, that my face looked so thin, smooth and wrinkle free. I have to admit that last comment had me wondering about my June appearance.  When she last saw me.  Another who wished me well that last day in June (at work), told me of her Whole30 diet and how good she felt.  Funny how our paths were linked while I was gone.  Trying to find health and happiness in our diets.  She eats whole fruit and fruit juices.  I eat the whole fruit pulverized in the Vitamix. I think that's okay.  I'm still eating the peel and the fiber.  Whole30 smoothies?  yes or no?

The suggested birthday donuts (Saturday) were given a thumbs down.  Okay if the baker wanted the employees to eat them.  Not me.

I was still unsure about returning while I packed my salad of Romaine, red cabbage and carrots yesterday morning.  Not enough lettuce so I fine cut some kale leaves.  Skipped the red onion.  Not good for customer service. Packed up EVOO and Balsamic, S&P in a small container to shake and pour before eating the salad. I may add diced roasted beets to the next salad.  I also took a jar of smoothie to work.  I drank it at about 5:30.  Seems to be the way to go--moving forward.  I'll be at work all day Saturday.  Big perennials sale.

One of the packed treasures in the attic was two boxes from my dad's house.  Ball glass jars.  The kind with the glass lid and wire "bale".  Even had fresh boxes of the rubber gaskets.  I brought two down, into the dishwasher.  Now sparkling, like new, clean.  What shall I put inside???  Pints and half pints.

I have tomatoes to "handle".  Need to do something with them before they spoil.  More peppers.  The garden to water (promised rain failed to fall).  Everyone had an epic garden this summer.  Everyone has too many tomatoes.  I heard of one Farmer's Market stand selling them for $1 a pound.  Just to get rid of them.  Also need to stop by the Farmer's Market to buy garlic with BIG cloves to plant in October. Seeds for leeks for my Winter Milk Jug garden.

Gardeners.  We garden for this year with memories of last year and the promise of next year.  I already have containers with the seedy pulp from my very tastiest tomatoes breaking down.  When the gel releases the seeds, I'll dry them.  Start them in February or March for the 2017 garden.  It's just like being married in some ways.