Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'm A Little Teapot-Short & Stout

Remember singing that?  I had a lovely electric kettle which I used for over 12 years to boil water for tea and anything else that needed boiling water added to it.  Then it started being fussy about if and when it would work.  I had to buy a replacement.  White plastic from Sunbeam.  Couldn't find something I liked.  Wasn't going to spend "good money" on something I didn't like.

Now---that has changed.  I like this.  I like it's handle and I really like it's spout.

Worked all day today and then home to pick peppers, eggplant and green beans before tucking all those beds under cloth--we are expecting a freeze tonight.   We also dragged the Fig Tree into the house (only sacrificed one green, unripe fig) for safe keeping.  All the front porch plants were moved to the house wall and then covered with cloth.  Our huddled masses.

Spent Friday running errands.  Mailing things.  Goodwill shopping.  Goodwill returning.  Church clothing sale.  Ice cream.  Staples to buy a  desk calendar.  Highway robbery.  But they had 4 large boxes of Kleenex for $3.90.  I got two packages.  Then grocery store.

G asked for stuffed cabbage so that is what I am cooking tomorrow.  Had to buy all the parts.  Huge cabbage for 50 cents a pound. I guess I'll be eating a lot of stir fried cabbage next week.  I like it with onions, red peppers and anything else I can find in the produce drawer.  I haven't made stuffed cabbage in years.  I hope I remember.  There never was a written recipe.  I hope there is some "body memory" to help me remember.  Mixing, rolling and then the tuck (pushing the cabbage ends into the roll).  Then into the oven and hope it all turns out.  What's not to like about cabbage, ground beef, tomato soup and rice???

They had a pile of snacks at work today.  Some for employees and some for customers.  Cookies, donuts, more cookies, ice cream treats in the freezer, carrot cake and finally pretzels.  I had a handful of pretzels.  Period.  Even though the donut was a raspberry jelly filled.  The kind I LOVE.

It was okay saying "no".  I am getting used to it and, unlike 9 years ago, the saying no isn't making me angry.  Saying yes would mean the chance of making the rash come back, having acid reflux etc. so, saying no to tempting foods is the best thing to do.  Not easy, but the smart choice.

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Karen Rips said...

I have one kid who loves my stuffed cabbage, the others, not so much. It was kind of sweet and sour, with lemon vs. sugar, till it came out right. She still makes it. My in-laws used to like it too. Only thing besides brisket they ever liked that I made.