Friday, September 09, 2016

September Heat & Humidity

And my best friend.  Benadryl.  See the second line on the left?  Itchy, watery eyes.  That's me.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store.  I had been going every day and spending a fortune ( I have the proof as my credit card bill arrived)--so I have been trying NOT to go to the grocery.  Yesterday, well, I needed to see if there were any peaches (for the smoothie I now love) and I needed deli ham and swiss slices for my "roll ups" (just a slice of ham with cheese on top, rolled up into a cigar shape) which I eat instead of a sandwich.  I loved roll ups for lunch when I was doing Atkins.

Anyway, back to what I was saying.  I stood in front to the allergy pills section and decided to try Claritin. For allergy.  I have tried all the rest.  So far, one hour in, my eyes are drier than usual, I am not sniffling and except for the tight dry skin around my eyes, I am feeling pretty good.  Of course, we have the AC on.  I'm thinking that days when I am feeling great, are days when the AC is on.

The library called.  I now have FOUR delightful books to read.

I made G a very nice 9 inch square lasagna the other day.  Using the items in the fridge (which I purchased on my frequent shopping trips).  Ricotta cheese, frozen spinach, fresh pasta sheets, frozen ground turkey (for testing turkey).  I wish I could say I used my own oven roasted tomatoes for the sauce--but G only likes commercial sauce.  I had a salad late in the afternoon and the last of the blueberry peach smoothie in the evening.  I'll be going into the kitchen to make more smoothie when I finish typing this.

My employer should be calling this afternoon to let me know what days I will be working next week. I'm hoping for three short days.

The figs on our potted fig tree are starting to turn color.  Getting ripe.  I think there may be over 50 figs on the tree, perhaps even 100? We finally learned to water, water and then water some more.  The young "bush" fig (not a tree shape) has 4 figs.  A good beginning effort.  This, I believe, is year 4 for the potted tree.  I will be able to make quite a few jars of fig preserves.

The part of Maine where I live is now in a "drought".  We are 5 to 6 inches short of the normal rainfall.  Wells are drying up, farmers haven't enough hay to cut and feed to their animals, a goat farmer hasn't enough grass for the grass fed goats.  The rain goes by us to the north.  Hermine brought us nothing but humidity. My vegetable garden looks like a disaster.  I am going out to water the few things still growing.  Eggplant, beans, carrots and beets.

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