Friday, September 02, 2016


 It's my birthday this month and during all this "detox" stuff the past 60 days or more--I just kept hoping I would not be reactive to any of the ingredients in NACHOS.  Cuz, that's how I want to celebrate my 70th birthday. And that's what I want to eat ALL month.

 Had nachos today (September 2nd) for a late lunch out on the porch of the Seadog.  I should have also had a Margarita but I am under the influence of Benadryl.  Lots and lots of Benadryl.  My eyes are watering, the skin around my eyes is burning and to make the face a party--my nose is either stuffed up or running.  Of course, it goes without saying that the eczema on my eyebrows is red and itchy.

Nuts to my primary care doctor--I am asking to be referred to an allergy specialist when I have my annual checkup on the  21st.  I'll even pay out of pocket for the ALCAT.  This isn't just "dust".

And, I was totally inflamed since yesterday, late afternoon (when I ate chocolate).  The nachos aren't involved in this reaction. This is why the Elimination Diet people want us to eat the new food three days in a row--as often as we can.  So that, by day three, you can explode into an allergic reaction-- if it's going to happen. No question.

I do have four containers of dark chocolate caramels.  I will miss eating them.  But I can give them to people as gifts. Sadly, I didn't eat any of the caramels during the three day test.   And I certainly am not eating any of them now.  My eyes would swell shut.

Finished watching Marcella on Netflix (good but strange).  Have watched Cooked (very good).  Have watched 2 episodes of Chef's Table (rather pretentious).  Am almost caught up on Mr. Robot (very strange).  Have to watch during the afternoon when G is not in the house.  He can't follow any of the story lines and I get annoyed trying to explain everything while watching. In Mr Robot there are "people" who are imaginary and dead.  So I am watching saying; real person, imaginary person, dream, awake etc. Also the action is sometimes current and often backstory.  It's a lot of work to watch this show.

Had my second Larabar.  Carrot Cake.  It was very tasty.  I purchased two rings of dry pineapple so I can make homemade Carrot Cake Bars. I even got dried banana chips in case I like the Banana Cream Pie one.  No dried apple rings or chips so I can't make the Apple Pie bars.

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