Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How One Red Pepper Became Too Many Red Peppers

The garden is producing (presenting) 8 to 10 peppers a day right now.  I have a tray filled with a dozen and the freezer contains large bags of frozen pepper strips for future Winter meals.  I have taken some to work to give away. Sigh.

Perhaps I did grow too many?  I am reminded of the Elimination Diet and my JOY at adding red pepper to my limited vegetable list.  Those red peppers were purchased.  Long before the garden even was thinking of making any.  I think lunch will be a French dish of red peppers, onion, a bit of chili peppers and some tomato.  Piperade.  Saw it on Cook's Country last weekend.

G decided he didn't actually like stuffed cabbage.  And I have so much packed in containers.  Yesterday, at work, I had one serving for my lunch at 3pm.  I had a second serving for my supper at 7 pm.  Then a very hot shower.  Pajamas.  The Debate.

After 30 minutes of the debate, with one person constantly interrupting and the moderator not doing anything to stop the rude interruptions---I got up and wandered off to my sewing room, too irritated to watch anymore.   Somehow in my sewing room, sorting things, stitching things etc.  I returned to a calmer state and 2 hours passed peacefully.

I like Lester Holt.  But now I am disappointed in him.  He faded when he should have been strong. I hope this is not a foretelling of what might happen in November.  Not being strong.

My day at work had gone well until about 4pm.  Then the really difficult customers seemed to be coming back to back.  Customers already angry before even speaking to me.  Customers interrupting when I tried to answer.  It was that kind of day.  That kind of atmosphere.

Today it's cold. No sun.  Wet.  I may need to find a sweater to pull on and some socks.  Perhaps find the down lap throws and a good old fashioned mystery to read.  The water has boiled and the tea is brewing.  The dishwasher is running.  The dog has gone for his walk.  I need to turn on some lights, before 12 noon.  Summer might be over.  I already miss it.

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