Thursday, September 29, 2016

Making More Marinara

I use an old-fashion hand crank food mill to crush the tomatoes.  I cut them in half and remove all the seeds (bitter) and then, skins still on, run them through the food mill.  Nice, thick puree.  Makes a very good sauce.  Takes an hour or more--possibly two hours--to get to the consistency I like.  Then into freezer containers.  I never have gotten comfortable with canning tomatoes.

Up next will be a tour of the garden.  Picking more peppers.  Freezing them as well.  I gave a very generous bagful of peppers to the gal who cuts my hair.  She has the same name as my sister.  And she gives me tomato seeds and even seedlings if I forget to start the seeds she gives me.

Picking more green beans. I hope.  We have had some cold nights.  I'm hoping the row covers I pulled over the beds in the garden saved the peppers and beans from frost damage.

A young guy at work promised me more tomatoes from his very large garden and even some freshly dug potatoes.  Yippee.

I am still eating stuffed cabbage.  It was having a very low calorie effect on my weight until yesterday.

I have had the rash and weeping, burning eyes for about a week.  Today, still dry skin but no wetness from the eyes.  Acid reflux.  We ate Chinese yesterday, and I absent-mindedly dipped my dumpling in the soy sauce bowl.  That was enough, I guess, to get the acid reflux going and gain 3 pounds overnight.

I have an appointment to see the dermatologist--In January of next year.  The Allergist's office has never called and I don't remember the doctor's name.  I think the Allergist is going to be more responsive to a rash than the dermatologist but who knows.  By January it will be gone.  It usually is.

While the sauce cooks, I am going out to the garden.  Then I am going to read a book.  G has gone off to weed at someone's seaside vacation home.  Riley has finally eaten his breakfast and lunch and is now full of food and taking a nap.  I am wondering what to have for lunch that would be soothing to acid reflux.  We have NO gummy candies to treat my reflux.  And that cute fireman hasn't shown up with a bottle.

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