Saturday, September 10, 2016

Eating My Way Through The Summer

This little Bento box lunch is very cute.  I eat all these things but my presentation isn't as nice.

Yesterday, in the oppressive heat and humidity, I pulled up all the zucchini squash vines.  Today I will haul them to the compost boxes.  I also pulled beets.  I tried to pull the big and medium ones and leave the smaller ones (to grow some more) and was only 50% successful.  I pulled carrots the other day.  Most of the large carrots had had the bottoms chewed off by chipmunks.  They have tunnels all through the garden.

Not as hot today, so I will be roasting beets.  I find cold roasted beets to be a very fine lunch.  Cubed in a white bowl with EVOO and Balsamic vinegar. Some salt and freshly ground pepper.

Carrots I like in a salad with Romaine, red cabbage and EVOO and Balsamic.  I also enjoy carrots with a sesame-free hummus I make.  Chickpeas and parsley and lemon juice.  Trouble with this meal--- I eat too much.

The green beans are only flowers at this point or one centimeter long baby beans.  When they are big enough to pick--I like them right out of the garden (still dirty) eaten while I pick.  Otherwise, I roast them in the oven with EVOO and eat them--sort of leathery and chewy.  Delicious.  Now that I have found the Coconut Aminos--I can make a Chinese dish out of them.  Roasted or fried beans, cashews, rice and coconut aminos.  Cashew Greenbeans.

The Claritin seems to be working.  There is a period of time, just after I wake up and before the morning pill takes effect, where things are pretty miserable.  Itchy, burning, leaking eyes.  It's  been a few hours and things are settling down.  Perhaps I will have to set the alarm for 2 hours before I need to be awake--take my pills and go back to sleep.

I am just starting a new book by a favorite author.  Close Your Eyes by Michael Robotham.  His books are dark and pretty violent but I like the way he writes.  I don't like the violent murders but they don't take up more than 20 to 30% of the book.  Which leaves me with enough to enjoy.  I just finished the latest book by the two Danish women who wrote The Boy In The Suitcase.  I sort of wish this series of books could be made into something.  Like HBO's True Detective.  Well, the first of that series.  The rest, not so much.  I waited for the "free" week and watched the first season.  Wonderful. I think the Red Cross nurse- Nina would be very "watchable".  She certainly knows how to to get into trouble.

I am trying to think of a fabric and thread project to do.  One that doesn't involve the sewing machine. I'm not quite in the mood to make Christmas ornaments out of felt yet.  Any ideas?  It could be purely repetitive.  I have circles I could appliqué to squares--a project I got into for quite awhile but then, when I realized I hadn't made any headway in the weeks I had been sewing----lost interest.  I could, of course scale the project down to making--- what?  A four foot by four foot square?  Placemats? Or I could make a center square and then design an appliquéd border to go all the way around.  The fabrics are French inspired.  Reds, blues, golds.  But I don't need a quilt.  Or do I just want something smaller and less "project" oriented.  Busy-work.

There is a woman who just sews.  Doesn't make anything.  I am too Virgo for that.

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