Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Woods Are Where We Walk

I took a giant leap of faith, that the dog loved me, and started walking him, off leash, in the woods. Off leash is a scary place to be.  The dog runs off and your heart jumps into your throat until he circles back to "check" on me.  I think we both might have been nervous that first time.  Neither trusting the other to not get lost.  We have gone out twice now.  I like it better.  It hurts less.  We each get to look at our own things. I make sure Riley sees me fill my coat pocket with treats. G says that is half the battle.

Today is Riley's Fifth Birthday.  No special gifts.  No dog cake.  A heart worm pill and Frontline.  A good way to say "we love you".  Doggie day care today and then we have to remember to stop at the Toyota dealership to pick up G.  Another something has gone wrong with the pick up.  It never ends.  They'll fix it tomorrow.

Watered plants for another four hours yesterday. Wonder all the while if they are left to fend for themselves when I have a day off.  There is evidence that they are neglected.  But neglect is better than being flooded with water.  I had pollen stained fingers again from the Easter lilies.  Still wonder what I could do if I rubbed the pollen over a piece of painted fabric.  Would it stain?  Be permanent?

Baked our Easter ham yesterday while Riley and I walked (after I worked all day) and made some potatoes au gratin and steamed broccoli to serve with it.  The ham was very good.  I now have two large containers of sliced ham in the fridge alongside two containers of potatoes.  I forgot only one of us is eating potatoes these days. My next day off is Sunday.  In the five years I have worked at the greenhouse, this is the first Easter Sunday I have not worked.  Amazing.  I am teaching a class on Saturday.

I had better get my breakfast in the frying pan and start mixing up my tuna for lunch.  See you later.


Deborah Boschert said...

I like the idea of trying to "dye" with pollen! I bet there are several different colors of yellow you could test.

Paula, the quilter said...

You should take a small piece of fabric with you and loop it through your belt or belt loop. Wipe your fingers on it. I bet it does 'dye' the fabric. Wonder how you would set the dye?