Thursday, April 05, 2012

Roses Are Pink Today

These are from work.  They are beautiful but have no fragrance.  So, not as wonderful as they could be. I watered over my head again and also out in the cold annual house.  I end up with wet socks and wet pant legs (up to the knee today) from the drips off the hoses.  I saved more pollen.  I got to eat lunch with the "popular" employees.  I remember when they wouldn't speak to me.  Time, is always on your side.  Now they talk to me.

Tomorrow is payday again.  I've been back to work for four weeks now.  It doesn't seem possible.  The time just seems to be rushing by.  Is that what happens when you get older?  I always thought time would slow down as we got older--less to do.

I found sugar free/fat free instant banana cream pudding mix.  Can't wait until it's dessert time and I get to whip up some pudding mix with my heavy cream.  I had cheesecake flavor last night and plan on throwing the remainder of that box away.  Had a strange tangy taste which wasn't quite "cheesecake".  The plain vanilla is the best so far.  With heavy cream or with Greek style yogurt (it thickens the yogurt and gives it a sweet vanilla taste).  I start with a teaspoon of powder and then adjust until I like the taste.  When I use the mixer to whip the cream I use I T powder to one cup cream and then divide it into portions.  LOL Usually 2.  Yes, this has a lot of calories (from fat) but very few carbs.  I only count carbs.

G said he was going to run out to the grocery for pasta that I forgot to buy.  He's still here.  He seems to only have one speed today--slow.  He's going to take Riley for a ride in the car but is having trouble getting Riley to decide to "go".  Riley is very tired.  He's five now and I guess just being five makes a dog very sleepy.

Now that the man and the dog have left the house--with a hand written list of the TWO things they are buying-- I will head for a hot shower and my pajama pants and slippers.

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