Saturday, November 04, 2006

No Power

The power went out on Sunday and then late on November 1st we lost the internet and best of all---- all the people on television turned ORANGE. So something strange happened to my cable connection. It's all better now.

It was amazing how much WORK I actually got done while the internet was down. Do I really spend THAT much time on here??? Don't answer that!

I have another quilt backed, batted and basted and ready for quilting. And I am working on a deadline of 5 pm Monday to have it completely finished for hanging at the library. Got to replace the Halloween Quilt. At least it got to hang for a week. WOW. Two quilts in one month.

Then I have art to make for my ArtShare pals. Diana, Emmy, Sam, Deborah and one more....could be YOU! I think I'm forgetting someone. Got to check my list.

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