Monday, November 27, 2006

Gingerbread House- the inside story

The interior of the dollhouse I made into a Gingerbread House. If you check the archives for December or the last week of November 2005 you'll see the outside of the house.

Here's the little painted toy furniture. I painted and distressed the table and chairs and painted the tiny dish cupboard I purchased at Michael's for one dollar. I made the red dotted dishes out of one inch round disks. The package of disks cost three times as much as the cupboard.

The little toy living room furniture with new gumdrop legs. The little rocker was a contribution from a library patron. She went all the way home and back to add it to last year's decor.

The attic with a gingerbread train. I think this cost me $1.99 or some such low price at Grand City last year. I glued the train and everything else to the floor. And this shot is to show off the paint job on the floor with the decorated "cookie" look. I was going to do more but really--I wanted the kids to look at the outside not the inside.

This took me ALL day to paint. Certainly NOT what I wanted to spend time on but what can I say. People love the Gingerbread House.

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