Monday, November 27, 2006

Just Catching Up

We lost the ability to get on the internet for the past five days. I got alot done. It is amazing how much time I spend on this computer reading blogs, writing messages, creating my own blog posts.

So far today. I overslept. Missed my nail appointment. Realized I had forgotten to unplug my iron yesterday. Finished reading my first Elizabeth George/Lynley mystery. I liked it. Half way through I realized I had seen this particular mystery on television so I "knew" who done it but it was still a good read. Not as good as PD James. I will move on to the second book in the series eventually. There are ten. The newest is "What Happened Before He Shot Her". Lynley's Helen was killed off by the author and readers (if the patrons of library are typical) are EXTREMELY angry about this. Some refuse to read her any more.

I also finished "Blind Submission" by Debra Ginsberg. A first time fiction writer. She has written some non-fiction. Anyway, it was okay. I finished it. I'm a very picky reader. If I don't like the characters, the writing or the story--I just quit. This book was about a literary agent and submissions of book manuscripts etc. Shallow. Could have been a much better book. I have the new Tony Hillerman on my pile and may treat myself to that book next.

I have to regulate my reading. Once begun--I am lost in the book till finished. This morning at 2 am I finally got to the end of Lynley's case. Then I made G's lunch and set out his breakfast things.

We have been having reheated Thanksgiving Dinner every evening when G gets home from his 10 hour shift at Target (we eat while watching movies-- Family Man, Love Actually, and James Bond last night). I even remembered to "crisp" up the turkey wings in the oven the past two nights. I gave up on the turkey last night and had a Greek salad. The pies are delightful! Tuesday is G's 60th birthday. I think we should "eat out".

I'm so happy to have internet connection today!


Deborah Boschert said...

Happy Birthday Gary! Where will you go for dinner? I need details about Brunswick's happening restaraunt scene. (Ahem.)

The Edward said...

I used to love to read P.D. James. Thank you for reminding me about her works. Doing a quick internet seach, I found that a lot of her works had been made into movies - something I was unaware of. Have you seen any of them?