Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thank Goodness It's Done

I have never started and finished anything this quickly. No time to second quess--just keep going. I knew I couldn't leave the Halloween Quilt up for too long--nothing like a "leftover" holiday quilt. Leftover candy? that's okay. So I layed out the background and put a few too many details on top--AGAIN. I may learn to do this correctly next time. But later on after the quilting and edge binding, it was very easy to add details to the piece. I liked that part a lot.

I added the cup and pear in the last few minutes before taking the quilt to the library and hanging it up. Now that I have Quilt Rule #2- The quilt is never done, you can always add and subtract, even years later. Patrons have complained that they can't make out the details of the fork, spoon and knife because of the fabric I chose. So that may change. Those patrons are really getting to be very good quilt judges!

Here it is hanging in the workroom window behind the Circulation Desk. It's 32 by 47 and not straight at all. Wider at the bottom than the top--just like me.

A young lady checked out books today-- her long pointy black Mohawk is growing out. I asked about it and she is growing her hair out and then going to color it Bubble Gum Pink. Be still my heart. If I was her age, I'd be wanting to do the same. Even at my age, I want to dress in black tights, short skirts and Doc Martens and have my hair sticking straight up and out--with the help of glue. I know--I can still do it-- just need to completely stop eating for a few weeks. The black tights/short skirt thing looks best on skinny girls, I think.

My next quilt is all about red and white polka dots. Sounds like fun!


His Office, My Studio said...

I really like that the quilt is not stright and some of the pieces are also wonky.

Deborah Boschert said...

I love it. Brown is so hot -- and this has a great vibe. I agree about the contrast on the fork, etc... but, it fits. Beautiful fabrics! Simple shapes. Gorgeous!