Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Thanksgiving Quilt in Progress

Not my usual fabric choices but sometimes I have to actually try and use stuff out of the huge storage boxes along the wall. I am almost to the point of taking the storage items upstairs--far away. To the "out of sight/out of mind" section of the attic. These fabrics are from my Baltimore applique period. I'm really VERY good at hand applique. It just isn't FAST enough for me right now. What you see above is the PLATE.

Some polka dots have snuck into the mix. Don't they always. A girl's just gotta have fun, you know? This is yet another failed attempt with Pamela Allen's tutorial. I just can't stop at the background. I have to add bits of the quilt top. And that makes the topstitching and quilting so problematic. I also have not been able to add all those "doodads" that she adds to the quilt after the quilting. Clothespins, garters, bobbins, wooden wheels, plastic vegetables etc. I want to. But it seems so copy cat. Perhaps if I do it and keep it private--not showing it in public. What you see here are the SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS.

I'm making a table setting. Large plate, flatware, S&P, goblet, vase with flowers. No turkey. There are some pheasants on the fabric. Very much like Pamela's Fish & Chips. But no fish and no poker chips and no carrots. Since Thanksgiving is really about the food. Having enough and not having any.

G loves Thanksgiving dinner. We have it several times during the month of November. Really. What's not to like? And all the leftovers mean not having to cook for at least three days. I love that part. I may even make a pumpkin pie.

And last but never least is the ugly mess on the side of my workroom and under the work table. Those red lidded bins are full of fabric. Novelty, prints, batiks and wool. Everytime I walk around the table to get to the design wall, stuff gets caught on me and slides to the floor. I pick it up and stuff it someplace and then something else slides off. Then I kick it out of my way. I could just take it all to the dump. But I think there may be important stuff mixed in and so it all needs to be sorted. This is sort of a metaphor for my life right now. So much stuff and I have to sort it all out and just save the important bits. SAVE time for the important bits and stop WASTING time on the not so important stuff.

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Quilter Kathy said...

I sure can relate to this. Your last paragraph could have been written by me!
I enjoy reading your blog!