Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mid November

My husband brought these tiny orchids home with the groceries. Yellow because he loves yellow. Interesting shape. Almost like little party dresses.

Today has been busy. I finished up my Turkey Word Scramble at 2 am this morning. I refused to give up! And then I had to get up early, get dressed and drive over to the newspaper offices to drop off the entries. I completed my husband's also. I had company. People were coming in with their entries in hand. Everyone wants a free 20# turkey.

When I got home I washed all the bird poop off my car. Yesterday a particularly incontinent group of birds flew over the library parking lot. It was just my car. A co worker got hit in the head. Everyone said bird poop in your hair was "good luck". Where did they get that idea? Anyway, all the hoses are dry and stored in the basement so I had to haul buckets of water out of the garage and toss them on the car to wash off the suds. The weather is still very mild here in Maine but that could change in the next few minutes. It's been raining quite a bit and tree branches are down all over town.

G has the weekend off and we'll be moving stuff in the garage (the house shutters I never painted) and getting out the three 60 inch wide wreaths for the front porch. They look so very festive with all their tiny lights and they fit perfectly in the three arches on the front porch. I refuse to allow him to set up the blow up Christmas Tree or giant Snowman he got at Big Lots three years ago. Can you imagine my "delight" when I drove into the driveway and saw them all blown up, lighted up and wiggling in the wind--- on my front lawn? Whenever G was out of town I unplugged them. Now they are stored in the attic. It would be different if we had small grandkids--- I would "lighten up" and let him decorate the lawn. He really wants one of those ugly "Snowglobes" that have "snow" falling inside.

I'm waiting for a phone call from the library and will be going in to shelve fiction and mystery. My regular shelvers are away for the holidays. That's the thing about volunteers. They go about their business of being retired and the books go unshelved. Oh well.

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Deborah Boschert said...

My kids love those inflatable things. I also let them gaze at the grocery store or hardware store -- hoping I can avoid actually put one in my yard!