Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween Quilt-- ArtShare Meme

Here it is. Finished. Just. And hanging up at the library. I could have spent the next 15 years trying to get it "squared" up but by then the poor thing would be hankerchief size.

I have my First Rule of quilting. When you make a mistake. Make it big. Exaggerate it. Then it will look like you meant for the error to happen. Small mistakes look like mistakes.

If I had freehand cut the quilt to what passed for a rectangle, well, it would have been okay. But because I actually tried (more cuts than I will admit to) the result looks like I don't know what I'm doing. The top goes up a bit in the middle and the bottom does also. The polka dots don't help. Oh well. Live and learn.

Also, I began with the plan of following Pamela Allen's tutorial from QA. I did amazingly well with the background and then did not follow Pamela's directions to quilt, bind and otherwise finish that work before putting anything else on the quilt. Pamela was correct in this. It was very difficult to get around all the bones and stuff when quilting and I will try ever so hard to do the next one in Pamela's "correct order of things". I even think the squaring up would have worked out better without the lumps. Duh!

ArtShare Meme
I'm joining up with Emmy and Deborah for the ARTShare meme. The first FIVE bloggers who sign up on this post will get an actual piece of art from me. Fabulous, Huh? Could be a TrashFormation or a watercolor or a paper collage. Could be anything. We'll exchange info by email (address) and the little gift of art will wing it's way to you. The only requirement: then you must post on your blog and send art to five bloggers. Okay?


Samantha said...

Does being your daughter count me out? And I need suggestions as to what my "art" would be if I do qualify.

Unknown said...

Joanne, I love your Halloween quilt. So much fun and you finished it so quickly. Good for you! Sign me up for the ARTShare Meme. Sounds like a lot of fun. Aloha!

Deborah Boschert said...

I love love love the Halloween quilt. (And I miss miss miss the Brunswick Library.) I love the bats with the orange eyes! Did you fuse little x's on some of those background circles? Excellent. I love it all. The skeleton is just divine. I can see what you mean about Pam's method. Interesting. I did something similar with Susan Shie method of "starting with the sandwich." Speaking of... I'm thinking grilled cheese for dinner!

Vinilos Ink said...

Precioso Quilt!! Feliz Halloween!!!

Joanne S said...

The "X's" are made out of thin strips of FunFoam (foamies) from the spooky house--I love using wastebasket stuff. I cut and stitched them over the dots as I quilted and didn't manage to sew my fingers. I quilted in one direction and then in the other so both sides of the X got covered--except for ONE.

Emmy said...

Love to get something from you to

Unknown said...

I love your Halloween quilt! I've been thinking about your "trouble" with squaring up the quilts. Why don't you make the top straight (for hanging purposes) and cut the sides and bottom to go along with the features of the quilt...scalloped and wavy or lots of uneven points. I'm not too good with describing my thoughts but I hope you get the picture! Once agian, I really love your quilts!