Sunday, October 22, 2006

Work, Work, Work

No pictures as I didn't even THINK you would want to see me working. At the library most days. Yesterday--Saturday--I worked in the morning. I am SO NOT a morning person and it was truly awful yesterday. I had worked Friday afternoon and we were SLAMMED and left a mess when we finally closed. Needed to face that first thing and clean it up. Then my co-worker, a really wonderful woman, said "Let me do that, I'm younger than you".

Made me wonder the rest of the morning. Do I "work" like an old person?

Then I returned home and made lunch out of the fridge leftovers for G and I and then out to the annual "Leaf Shredding". 20. Twenty. 30. Gallon. Garbage cans. Of leaves into the garden. And after scooping the leaves into the shredder I got to pull, carry, shove and tip those cans of leaves into the garden. So far away. Finally, G took pity. Carried the last 8 to the garden for me. We still ended up shredding in the light of the garage lights as the sun went down. Like last year.

One funny thing. G had one of the car garage door openers hung up to use to open the garage if we needed "beverages" or bathroom breaks. All other access to the house locked. Well, you can guess what happened. Battery failure. A quick run across the street to Peggy's and we had a new battery. We also had all Peggy's leaves. Nice Maple Leaves. Thanks, Peggy.

Now the garden beds have nice thick covers of shredded leaves. Good Night Sweet Garden. See you in the Spring! I'll see the rest of you later this week. I WORK every day!!!!! At the library. Wish I was working in the quilt room. Sewing my Halloween Quilt. Boo!

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Sue Seibert said...

Our leaves are still green and on the trees. Wish I was in Maine!